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  1. Member name: Shonmao, RL Name: Jay. I look forward to see how the community develops. I like the software you use, the other forum software I've been exposed to has felt a bit clunky. This is the toolbar as I see it. I had a rough time getting it into FB in order to share it.I also don't seem to have access to my media or options to upload the images from my HD.
  2. I do a wider legged child's pose so I can fit my belly closer to the ground and I feel the stretch in my mid back.
  3. I've heard good things about Thai fisherman pants, but there doesn't seem to be compression help and I'm not sure that the material is sweat wicking enough. Does anyone have direct experience with them?
  4. I've found in my experience that men towards the end of their 'active' sports careers whether it be motor sports, martial arts or whatnot, are more open to yoga if they want to remain active.
  5. I'm having a rough time trying to figure out what to have for breakfast. I'm trying to lose weight because I'm diabetic (#2 Concern) and hypertensive. I'm sensitive to dairy. I was thinking about incorporating Bulletproof coffee, but I am caffeine sensitive and good butter is no longer easy to come by. Kerrygold is starting to use intensive farming practices and Kalona grass-fed butter is in a Whole Foods 20 miles from my location. So that being out, I'm starting to look at the FODMAPs diet, but am overwhelmed. ->Does anyone have any quick morning prep, or at least I can prep it the night before so that I can just eat it in the morning?<-(My #1 Concern) Actually any ideas and suggestions would be welcome. Perhaps I could find something through what people are eating in general.
  6. Signing on from Los Angeles, CA, found you through