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  1. You're welcome! Keep us posted on your findings!
  2. I have the Hugger Mugger Nature Collection Ultra and LOOOOVE it!! I haven't had any trouble with slipping although I don't do a lot of sweaty practices- but there have been some and so far so good! It's a little thicker at 1/4 inch which I tend to need with my bony knees , but not so thick as to throw off any balance. I've had it for over a year, use it at least 4 times a week and it's still going strong.
  3. Hi all! First off- Candace, I loved everything you had to say just now! I feel like it's one of the best things I've read on all this and exactly how I feel too. Having had neck surgery in August, yoga and meditation has definitely been a huge help in recovery and helping me have a good perspective through it all. But I also really needed doctors and both physical and massage therapists!! I have also experienced the same thing in meditation with focusing the breath in certain areas and it being just crazy and electrical! I honestly have no idea why it does it, but it does and it helps! In response to the feed in general, I had just recently heard mudras are basically like pressure points. I don't know how to feel about the whole negative energy thing either, but as for the mudras helping in meditation, I think they can be effective in the same practical way that pressure points or acupuncture (like you mentioned) can be effective. I haven't tried many but I know a couple really seem to work for me- it's probably just what my body needs in the moment, and others may not work as well. I think it's so individual. I don't think it is necessarily spiritual or religious, although I think things with yoga are what you make it. Anyway, the pressure point thing really helped me understand it better, so I hope it will be a help to you guys too!
  4. Let me know what you think if you do! They are so comfy!
  5. Hi there! I had a crazy week and am just now seeing this! Oops!! So sorry! Anyway, it hasn't been a problem for me so far but I have the grey pants- I wonder if having that color makes a difference? Those bras are so cute!!!
  6. I've been wondering about this too! Curious to see what everyone has to say...
  7. I really like Glyder Apparel so far- I have the ninja crop leggings and they are perfection! I really want to try out some of their other stuff as well. I think they are based out of Canada too, but I could be wrong! It's worth a look!
  8. I'm going to have to second that Sherlock recommendation! It's the best! The format is different than normal- there are three feature length episodes per season, so we treat it more like an official movie night when we watch. I feel your pain on the 'too many shows, not enough time' thing!
  9. Hi Candace! I'm joining in here from Centralia, WA (exactly halfway between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR). I have one of your personalized DVD's and to put it lightly- it changed my life! I'm just starting my 200 hr teacher training so I'm loving your new teacher section on the blog and this forum! Thanks for doing what you do!