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    Work from home, mom of 2, military spouse, love to read, cook, bake, garden and be outside enjoying nature.
  1. I really enjoy the reflective experience of yoga. The great teachings that help me be my best self and setting intentions for more improvements. Can we start a thread to share favorite quotes and intentions here? I saw one recently on Instagram I wish I could find again but haven't had luck yet. Maybe someone here can help? It was about seeing people as trees, that we each are different, unique, have certain flaws or differences but when we look at a tree that is missing a branch or is curved a certain way we understand why the tree is like that (it was hit by a storm or is crowded and reaching for light) without judging it. The point being that people are the same, and we should look at them as trees knowing that something caused them to be the way they are without judging them for being that way. I'm not sure if this was an actual quote or someone's personal reflection. I wish I had saved it or could find it again.
  2. Yes, I work from home and sit on the couch with my laptop for hours. I'm also a mom so when they're home I'm up more making meals, doing laundry, running errands and such. But there are definitely hours where I'm in active and not the best posture. I suppose I should sit at a real chair and table sometimes!
  3. My dad had us running since we were kids (probably age 7 at least) and we always stretched before and after, I think this set my body up to always feel natural running since I've always done it. My leg muscles feel strong and even but I will feel tight after a run especially if I haven't been in awhile. I can usually get them nice and loosened up again with yoga. I do get extra tightness in my hips the most so pigeon pose and other hip openers are a welcome relief for that.
  4. I also love being outdoors and trail running. We just moved to a beautiful place with tons of trails and area to explore, a great way for me to go out with my dog and enjoy it all together. Only he wants to stop to pee on everything, lol! It was been very damp and foggy though, a few weeks ago there were wet leaves on rocks and I suddenly slipped face first, caught myself with my hand and got cut up and had to go home for some first aid. I've been wary of the wet trails since then but did go for a long walk last week at least.
  5. What kind of shoes do you wear? I moved to Merrell Barefoot shoes and don't have any aches and pains... although you have to break them in a little bit at a time at first, only a mile or so until your feet get used to the more natural motion vs. the more thickly cushioned shoes most of us wore in the past.
  6. Yes! Running definitely can help clear a mood or give you time to think things out. Its amazing where my mind can wander during a run. I love yoga to clear my mind too but I know what you mean about it being different. In yoga I am so focused on breathing and poses its a break from all the other thinking, a good thing!
  7. I've made some yummy and filling oatmeal smoothies, lots of choices on Google or Pinterest
  8. This is a new favorite side dish and go-to potluck dish at my house. I also have kids, 7 and 9. One loves sweet potatoes, one doesn't. One loves mashed potatoes, one doesn't. This won them both over.
  9. I'm on disc 5 of 7 for the audio version, this book has really changed my mentality about eating and I think the idea of being "mindful" when eating, only eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied not full has made a big difference. Easy concepts but also easy to forget when you get caught up in life and motherhood and work and everything else we do as humans. I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn't want to "diet" anymore, you are re-training your brain and your body to eat properly yet won't feel deprived or go hungry. I also recently read "The Yoga of Nutrition" which makes a great companion to Chopra's book and is a much shorter read.
  10. Having accountability always help me. Could you form or join an accountability group? Maybe we could start a thread here? I'd join in too, I'd love to start doing more than twice a week but those are the only classes I'm attending right now. Just a simple place to check in and say today I did xx minutes of xx.
  11. @yogagrammy Thank you for asking how you did about online programs. I'm currently living in a foreign country where I don't know the language and think finding an in-person certification class would be very difficult. I had also been wondering about taking an online course if that's my most reasonable option right now. I feel like I'm just starting to take my journey toward becoming a yoga instructor seriously and have a long journey ahead, wondering if an online course would be a great place to just expand my knowledge and understanding of forming/conducting a class vs just attending one.
  12. Any runners on the forum? I love yoga to balance out my running and stay stretched out and relaxed. I run 3-4 miles at a time currently, usually with my best 4 legged buddy.
  13. I'm currently listening to Deepak Chopra's What are You Hungry For via audio book and really enjoying it. I've always been a stress eater, and eat when bored, etc. So much good info about being aware and eating when hungry vs. eating mindlessly. Has anyone else read this and enjoyed it? Would you like to read/listen and share your favorite bits here with me?
  14. I'm a military spouse currently living in Europe! Yoga has been my saving grace both as a military spouse and as a break from my own work from home schedule and motherhood. I'm interested in diving deeper and pursuing teaching in the future. Namaste! Enjoyed your Advice for New Yoga Teachers article found on Pinterest.