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  1. Whomp whomp thanks for the advice everyone! I guess this is the universe's way of telling me to actually do all that deep, slow stretching that I mean to do I did recently buy blocks, bolster, and blanket so time to put them to use!
  2. Don't worry, I'm definitely being careful with it! I've been in a boot for about 3 weeks now (she said 4-6 weeks total), and have done nothing but walk as needed in daily life. When I got the boot, I asked my doctor about yoga and working out in general, and she said to avoid high impact or prolonged standing on it, but upper body, some lower body machines at the gym, and certain yoga poses could be fine (we didn't have a chance to get very detailed on the yoga). I have pretty cranky hips on a good day, so after 3 weeks of walking funnily and without my normal workout routine I'm really feeling it. Of course I could stop being lazy and just do static stretching but I'm just really craving some yoga movement . I was hoping for any flow ideas that involve a lot of time on back, stomach, and seated. Seated poses are generally really tough for me because of my tight hips and hamstrings, but that probably just means that I should do them more!
  3. I have a stress fracture on my left foot (5th metatarsal) from going on a run in old sneakers (lesson learned: running is the worst! ) and I'm in a walking boot for at least 6 weeks. I've been in it for a couple weeks and tried to take a break from exercising but now I'm seriously feeling it. My hips, IT bands, back, etc. are all tight and I'm getting antsy! I really miss my power flow vinyasa classes, but I'm not sure what is ok and not ok to do on my foot. It is possible and/or worth doing flows in the boot? Are there things you think I could safely do without the boot? Down dog feels fine. My doctor basically said proceed with caution and don't do anything high-impact. Walking a lot bothers it but other than that I haven't really tried any exercises. I will of course play it safe and not take any advice here as medical recommendations, but was hoping for help brainstorming! In particular, hip flexors, glutes, and legs are very tight and crank, and I'm always up for core-strengthening and heart opening. I am not very good at coming up with flow ideas, so just looking for some inspiration
  4. If you don't have one already, I would love a longer video focused on opening all areas of the hips (flexors, IT, glutes, groin etc) and hamstrings. I have extremely tight hips and a sacrum that likes to slide out of place so I would love a focused video working on getting more flexibility in those areas! They're what limit a lot of my physical practice in classes.