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  1. So I have always been intrigued by fitness trackers (i.e, Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit) and I was wondering if anyone had one and there thoughts on it. How it is when you are doing your yoga practice? Do you have to where it all the time? Pros and cons?
  2. Happy Birthday to TheLavenderYogi and thaijackjordan! I hope you both have a wonderful day
  3. I hope this link works
  4. I have definitely been experiencing bruises on my triceps from my knees (really random but if anyone asks me when they are see them I am not sure if they are convinced that it happened while I was doing yoga, they might just think I am crazy ) Crow pose is definitely new to me during this May challenge and I am still finding my place, engaging my core and putting most of my weight on my hands through my arms from my shoulders and not putting most of my weight through my legs to my triceps to my hands. Which I believe I need to be moving my weight forward. While I am working on establishing more core strength I have been placing my knees on the outside of my triceps and squeezing in and pushing out from my shoulders until I feel like my knees are feeling lighter on my arms.
  5. This challenge is awesome btw. I have been able to stay up in crow pose for a few breaths and it fells awesome. Found out first where not to have my knees because I got some bruises on my triceps (which now I know what everyone is talking about with that ) I have yet to get into a headstand but I am determined. Still working to get my pelvis aligned over my head so I can extend my legs up. I hope that everyone else is doing great, I love seeing all the photos on instagram and here
  6. I have been wondering about this as well because I really enjoy practicing yoga. I am not planning on becoming pregnant very soon, but maybe within a year, so I am all about being prepared. Google seems to be my go to for things (not always a good thing but always a place to start for me) I came across this article: Seems simple and a lot of it makes sense. Depending on what your yoga teacher says I would still see about talking to your doctor. Whenever I am looking into a new workout routine they always seem to suggest to consult with your doctor before trying. I hope this helps
  7. Starting a little late but totally excited for this challenge! I think I want to work on my headstand and crow pose. I am ready to continue feeling awesome!
  8. I am solo with my yoga practice as well. These challenges definitely help me stay more consistent with my practice but I noticed last month I barely practiced. I kind of complained to my husband about it and was trying to find a way to commit to my practice everyday. This month everyday he asks "Did you do your yoga today?" One day I was driving home from work and told him I was going to go home and start up my yoga practice for the day and when he came home he sees me sitting on the couch and asks "Thought you were going to be working on your yoga?" It got me up and moving. He may not work out with me but he backs me up and pushes me because he knows that I get bummed when I miss it and have not practiced for a few days. I also bought a small pocket calendar where I write down what I worked on that day, what my struggles and victories were. It is fun to look back and see "I got up in crow pose for 1 second today!" And I can see what I did for the week and definitely do not like to see my week less than half full of entries, and when every day is filled it is exciting.
  9. I do not have a child so I could not fully understand but there are definite moments of not having enough time in the morning even though it was my intent to (sleeping through alarm or sometimes just not feelings so great). Sometimes I may have a little more time to do some poses for tight hips: Or sometimes I am just stretching when I am brushing my teeth (a little easier to do when you have an electric toothbrush) and when I am using mouth rise. Nothing too crazy of course, maybe a half way lift from forward fold so I am not brushing my teeth upside down or do a couple of stretches in my bed before I get up like Supta Padangustasana.
  10. I am still working with improving my flexibility and there are days that I feel like I am going backwards because I was sore from a couple of days before (I since invested in a foam roller for my hamstrings and that has helped A LOT with recovering) Forward fold is one of my poses for this month's challenge and I would only know that I had made progress from taking pics (it wasn't much but it was something). I too have no friends locally that practice yoga and I am a little scared to step into a class. I have made a little area in my house to practice my yoga and just follow along with the month's challenge schedule which helps me stay consistent with my practice. Some days can be challenging, I could have a lot on my mind and might even be stressing about a situation at work without even realizing it. It has always been a little difficult to let "thoughts go by like a cloud in the sky"...I love that expression BTW...but recently it has been going well and being able to keep a clear head has opened so much more. So this month I am working on dancer's pose and forward fold, there has been progress because it seems like lately I have been having daily victories in my practice that I wasn't not even working towards because I didn't think I was there yet. Like jumping/floating to the front of the mat from downward dog instead of stepping forward I was never able to control that and then just one day I did and I was so excited and whenever that part comes up in the practice I just smile to myself that I can do that now. Ok I think that was enough rambling and I hope that all made sense. I hope this was helpful
  11. I was so excited to be able to do everything on the suggested schedule for Day 1. I have done past challenges but have only been able to do half of what was on the schedule. A sign of improvement in my practice I hope Here is to Day 2!
  12. I am so in! I will work on forward fold and dancer's pose. So excited to be working on my hamstrings and my hips!
  13. I am definitely always looking for a deal for athletic wear for yoga. Sometimes I just by some basic tights and tank tops from Wal-mart. I actually just bought a bunch of yoga pants from Zulily. They have some great deals on yoga apparel. Down side to is something you sign up for and get daily emails on their deals of the day (from baby clothing to home decor) and to get the deals they get they bulk order from the companies so once they have enough orders they will ship yours so I had to wait a bit for my stuff to arrive but it was worth it getting a nice pair of yoga pants for $17 when they are normally sold for $55. The brand of yoga pants was Marika, not sure how well known they are but the pants are really comfortable for me
  14. This challenge has been going great. I have been able to lift and hold in baby grasshopper and even able to hold on to my foot (in the beginning I was at mid shin). I would call myself a beginner in having a more continuous yoga practice and practiced 3 days a week during this challenge and basic stretches everyday. Now I am not sure if I just pushed myself because I got so excited in baby grasshopper but the next day my middle finger was swollen. Not broken just a sprain or a strain I think (swelling has gone down in a day after a Epsom soak). With just 2 days left I am hoping to be a little better to at least instagram my last day progress pic Can't wait for February's project! You all are awesome! Although I do not post much I read the forum almost everyday and it gets me pumped up to practice!
  15. So I ended up buying a Thera-roll, it was something I could buy locally and it was the firmest one I could find that was not the rumble roll (not sure if I am ready for that). The company has a website with the different muscle groups to use it for and how. I have used it a couple of is pretty intense...intensely awesome Everyone's thoughts on what to look for with a foam roller were extremely helpful in my decision. Thanks everyone!
  16. My first experience with yoga, I was a freshman in college, I was in a high stress major and had mainly sleepless nights. Not only did I gain 20 lbs my first year in school but because I was under so much stress my stomach could no longer process any diary. I became lactose intolerant to the point that I had to read the ingredients on everything I ate and if it said "contains milk" I could not have it. I went to the doctor to get everything checked out and she said if I imagined my stress better I could ween myself back onto diary products. So I made a few adjustments in my lifestyle and incorporated yoga and within a year I could have a glass of milk (it was awesome!). I fell out of my routine for a few years and just recently stepped back into my yoga practice because I wanted to work on my flexibility and meditation. I was never really flexible as a kid, even when I was in gymnastics, and to find out that my husband can touch his toes and I couldn't...I decided to change that
  17. Does anyone have a good suggestion on what kind of foam roller to get? I am realizing more and more that I need something since I have been working on my hamstring flexibility and I am quite sore today. There are smooth ones and "rumble" ones. And there are soft and firm ones. And different lengths too. I would also use it in on my back too.
  18. I may not always get to my mat but I seem to always do yoga poses throughout the day. During the holiday I was baking cookies and waiting for them to get out of the oven I was in tree first my dad thought it was a little strange but then he said "I should be doing more stretches like that" and when I am at work I find myself waiting for something and either doing forward fold or intense side stretch. Today I am going to be doing 15 minutes morning yoga for tight hips and super excited about it
  19. In doing your seated sequence for Day 2 of the challenge I noticed that my pelvis does not want to tilt forward (I am not sure if it ever has ...but one day I hope it does). I looked through your blog and I saw a video for tight hips and I also saw a helpful tips for men by using a block when seated to have good posture. Should I be using a block when doing any yoga positions that requires the pelvis to tilt forward and any tips so that I do not need the block in the future. I know you have a few but I always enjoy a sequence for tight hips and hamstrings
  20. First day Posted on instagram my attempt at baby grasshopper. I was lucky to be able to get up before my timer went off on my camera and it took me about 5 - 10 minutes of trying to get up to succeed, and how rewarding it was. I did notice that when I finally get up I end up rotating my foot back to facing the front of the mat. Day 1 and feeling good <----I just wanted to use that smiley it seemed to fit.
  21. How exciting a new challenge! I was super bummed that I fell behind on the flexibility challenge. I got married in November and planning just took over. New Year's Resolutions - be more positive and become more committed to my yoga practice. My pose will be baby grasshopper. Can't wait!
  22. This is so exciting. I am working on Downward Dog and Forward Fold Day 2 here we go!
  23. I was looking into Fablectics myself but I got scared when it looked like I had to order something every month. So you can get the subscription and decline for a couple of months until you would like to order more?
  24. Awesome, I will be rooting for you too Teeki pants is the brand and Northern Lights is the style, I saw it on one Candace's posts and I love the pattern.
  25. Thanks, I will definitely be trying this out