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  1. This forum thing is cool...thanks for setting it up. Nice to connect with people who share a love for yoga and all it's wonder. Xo (lagurl)
  2. They began testing the fire alarms just as class was beginning and I was trying to bring the class into stillness...not such great timing. It continued the first 10-15 minutes of class. Thank goodness it wasn't during savasana.
  3. I attended last year and will attend again this year in South Florida. I did a 2-day intensive with a wonderful instructor and then the other 2 days I selected various instructors to learn from. What a treat...whether you want to just take a class and do asana or learn philosophy, alignment, meditation. Whatever...there is something for everyone. I highly recommend it, even if you just go for one day. The Marketplace is super fun too...lots of fun products to try and buy and some good deals too!
  4. I agree, when an instructor leaves a pose out of a sequence on one side. You feel imbalanced, so sometimes I just go ahead and do it myself. I also also don't like people constantly checking their phones...ugh! Give yourself the 60-90 minutes to completely detox on on all levels.