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  1. So neat! If you don't mind me asking, where is your blog?


    I noticed when I go to the profile page in the forum, there is a "blog" section. Maybe we could use the blog feature on this forum as a proxy for the accountability that andiphant (and some others, I think) suggested? If people can comment on each others' blogs, that would be a great way to show encouragement too.  I don't think this feature is activated though because I couldn't figure out how to create new entries.  I am going to reference this post in the "help" section of the forum since this is a more technical question.


    Another option is what I saw on another forum (not yoga related). It had a separate section called "Journals" where people started their own thread as their journal, and visitors were welcome to respond and comment. It was a great way to reflect and also learn more about each other.  The funny thing is that I had journaled about some of my yoga classes there, but I was afraid I alienated some people there because they don't do yoga and may find it hard to relate to.

    Thanks! I just signed up in Wordpress- novicetonamaste.wordpress.com. I'm thinking i'll do the 39 day challenge on there too to track my progress. I'd definitely be open to the forum journal idea too!

  2. Putting it in your calendar is a great idea! You're more likely to work for and achieve your goals of they're written down. I'd recommend writing down your goal yoga schedule- 15 minutes three times per week, or whatever you decide- and putting it somewhere you see every day! I started a personal blog where I can post pictures and chart my progress (based off someone's suggestion in the YBC forum!). It's nothing formal, but I'm hopping that the idea that someone may see it and the "public" commitment will push me to be more consistent and stick to my own goals!

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  3. I love Athleta and think the quality is every bit as good as lulu. (even better) and I have also started getting Fabletics (subscription based) and really like the quality for the $$$. I have a little bit of everything as I tend to shop on ebay and amazon to try and find great deals.

    I just ordered my first Fabletics outfit last night- definitely can't beat the price. Got a shirt and pants for $14 after all the discounts. My girlfriend has a handful of Fabletics outfits and loves them, especially the yoga pants!

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  4. Ohhh I feel the same way, I asked Candace about this in one of her ask a yoga questions some time ago and she suggested I take a picture every three weeks. oh my goodness....my first picture is comical compared to now :3: ! My heels still don't touch but at least I can see it has slowly gotten better!


    Love the idea of taking pictures and documenting your progress.  It's also a great way to make sure you're doing the poses correctly. Thanks for this idea!

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  5. I would consider myself a newbie even though I have been practicing for a few months.  I have really tight hamstrings, right now I have a slight bend in my knees when in downward dog and cannot get my feet flat on the floor yet.  Any poses that will improve downward dog.  PS I would love to be able to do mermaid pose one day, I told my fiance that when I can I am going to reward myself with a pair of teeki pants :)  If there are any poses that will help with before I get to mermaid pose, I would love to hear them :)

    Kim, Mermaid pose is my goal right now too! looking for tips is actually how I stumbled across Candace's videos, website and this forum.  I'm really glad I did.  I just took my first class at the beginning of September, so I think I've got a ways to go. I'll be rooting for you to get there!  


    PS- I think I need to check out Teeki pants  ;)

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