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  1. Anybody used/heard about the Liforme mat?
  2. I was looking at this the other day and am considering buying it...every review I have read has been 5 stars, no complaints to be seen. Whereas other brands tend to have very mixed reviews about grip (i.e. Manduka).
  3. There is also a and we have TK Maxx, which is the same as TJ Maxx...many of the brands will be similar. Tesco supermarket and Primark stock sportswear and I find their tops and jogging bottoms to be decent quality for low prices. Clothes I use for yoga come from TK Maxx, Tesco, Primark and I treated myself to a pair of Athleta leggings when I was in NYC I believe department stores such as John Lewis and House of Fraser would have yoga clothing lines featuring various brands.
  4. I've noticed that the back of my head isn't even (lol) and so, when I lie in Savasana on the floor I can feel this and sometimes it will lead to feeling the blood pumping in my head and my neck becomes stiff. To get rid of this, I rest my head on something that isn't completely solid - i.e. a blanket, bolster, rolled up mat. Try rolling up a mat and placing a blanket at the top for your head. Lying back over this (with your head on the blanket and your spine resting along the mat) can be really restful for Savasana and provides a bit more support for your back, neck and head.
  5. I have problems with my tailbone feeling a lot of pressure during certain poses because I'm skinny and have no padding! Even rolling back and forth on the spine can hurt when my bum/tailbone reaches the floor....I generally avoid or limit the time I spend in these poses (for example boat). Sometimes, focusing on your sit bones and drawing the weight into this area can help bring some pressure of your tailbone. We're all built differently and we have to respect our bodies, whatever way they are, so if any position is causing you pain don't continue with it and instead, do something that feels good for you
  6. That's awesome, well done I hope I can reach this achievement some day!
  7. I am currently using just a vented yoga mat bag that I wear over my shoulder and my bag just about fits in it. However, I am considering buying either the manduka go steady or go lite as they are weather resistant and have pockets for extra things. I found that a lot of yoga mat bags are made of cotton and that is useless when living in rainy Ireland!
  8. Currently juggling between the Manduka pro lite or the eko. Any opinions?
  9. After looking up the hugger mugger one that Candace had mentioned, I found a Manduka retangular aircore bolster which is available in the UK and it seems to be of equal quality to the hugger mugger one.
  10. Currently looking for a new yoga mat and there are so many options I'm leaning towards a Manduka mat - perhaps the pro lite, eko or eko lite. The eko lite sounds excellent, has great reviews everywhere and I could possibly pack this in a suitcase if I was going travelling. However, I think I would prefer a thicker mat for daily practice, even though it is heavier?? Oh decisions, decisions!!
  11. These prizes are awesome!!!
  12. Worst pet peeve is when someone walks over my mat. Another is when people talk during the class!!
  13. When I was choosing my yoga teacher training course, seeing that it was Yoga Alliance approved gave me the added trust and security. I didn't see any options that weren't certified by Yoga Alliance but I think that's because there aren't many yttc options in Northern Ireland. If you do your research and talk with the business owner you should be ok! Good luck
  14. Same for me! Really need to work on upper body strength and arm balances.
  15. Hello, my name is Christina and I am in Belfast, Northern Ireland I am just starting my yoga teacher training. Very excited for the journey ahead!