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  1. YogaByCandace liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Little Known Brands That We Should All Know About   
    There is also a and we have TK Maxx, which is the same as TJ Maxx...many of the brands will be similar. Tesco supermarket and Primark stock sportswear and I find their tops and jogging bottoms to be decent quality for low prices. Clothes I use for yoga come from TK Maxx, Tesco, Primark and I treated myself to a pair of Athleta leggings when I was in NYC I believe department stores such as John Lewis and House of Fraser would have yoga clothing lines featuring various brands.
  2. christinakc liked a post in a topic by Yogalove in What is the best yoga mat?   
    Hi Christinakc

    I had the same dilemma this time last year. I was between the Manduka Black Mat Pro - heavier but thicker - or the Pro Lite. I eventually went with the Pro Lite and have been so happy with it, definitely the right choice for me in terms of balance between weight and thickness as I wouldn't want anything heavier when taking it to classes. I also like how durable it is.

    I got the Eko Super Lite a few months ago to use when I travel and whilst this would personally be too thin for me for everyday practice I find the surface to be much more grippy than the Pro Lite and I believe the surface is the same on the whole Eko range. I don't think the Eko range is as durable though.

    Hope this helps you in your decision...if you haven't already made it!
  3. MaryKay liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Carrying Your Mat?   
    I am currently using just a vented yoga mat bag that I wear over my shoulder and my bag just about fits in it. However, I am considering buying either the manduka go steady or go lite as they are weather resistant and have pockets for extra things. I found that a lot of yoga mat bags are made of cotton and that is useless when living in rainy Ireland!
  4. christinakc liked a post in a topic by notlulamae in Trick Or Treat?   
    Who needs Halloween to do pranks?! I'm always jumping out the pantry to make the other half jump...
    But then again maybe that's why he refuses to join in with yoga...
  5. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Favorite City?   
    I have so many! 
    Paris- We visited when I was just starting to get better from a longterm illness and it was the first time I had felt normal in years. We got to explore and just be on vacation without having to think about my health too much, and without my health getting in the way. The best trip we took together, hands down. 
    Nice, France - I went on a solo trip here, and just had the best time for a long weekend. The water felt like velvet and was this amazing turquoise color, the food was delicious and the people were so kind.
    Istanbul - I loved it there. The food was incredible (best hummus ever!) and there was so much to see, do, and learn.
    Rome - I went with my best friend when we were in college and it was just a fun little adventure. The food here was fantastic, also (are we seeing a trend here, haha)
  6. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Hypermobility   
    I love this last part you wrote - THIS is the yoga!!  You are on the right path!!
  7. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Crow Pose Bakasana   
    Woohooo!!!! Wanna share a pic?  (Greg was working like crazy last night to see if he could set everyone up so we can share pics, so I think everyone should be able to share (small) pics)
  8. christinakc liked a post in a topic by Jasmine in Crow Pose Bakasana   
    I just have to share my excitement somewhere - anywhere - that today I finally mastered crow pose! I have been trying this one on and off for what feels like years, but I have always struggled with arm strength. Thanks to Candace's 30 minute video for strength and flexibility which I have been practicing for a few weeks now I have finally done it. 
    I'm hoping this newfound strength will help me build into handstands and other exciting ventures. I've always been happy with my level of flexibility and balance, but strength was a major downfall.
    I proceeded to show my husband, who has never done a day of yoga in his life, and he did it perfectly on his first try... just to rub it in 
  9. christinakc liked a post in a topic by Melanie in Committing To The Mat   
    I have practiced yoga for several years with varying levels of commitment. I have had months when I practiced daily, and months when I neglected my mat, and months where I practiced somewhere in between the two extremes. Between parenting, working, taking care of a household, and all of life's other busy-ness it is too easy to let go of the priority to take care of myself. About eight weeks ago, I vowed to commit to my practice once again, to explore why I so often break the commitment even though I reap amazing benefits, and to work toward a daily practice. I am currently practicing five days a week, both at home and at a local studio.
    Good luck to you, Wildore! I think that 3x per week is a great goal, but I know for me, I have to get to my mat every day, even if it is for just a quick meditation, a ten-minute video, or a couple rounds of sun salutations. I think it helps me keep it a priority.
    Here are some things I have found that help me get to my mat regularly:
    I leave my mat out, unrolled, ready to welcome me at any moment. It is in a room that is also used for other purposes; it is not a perfect nor beautifully decorated yoga sanctuary (although I did create a little altar near the mat to make the space seem a bit more sacred and with purpose). The point is, it can be anywhere--the kitchen, the hallway, wherever.  I set my alarm for the same time each weekday, 5:30am, and go immediately to my mat (I do this even if I plan on taking a studio class later in the day.). Some mornings I eagerly go, some mornings the thoughts in my head are like a small child, throwing a tantrum. I go anyway. This is how I discovered Candace. I was looking for gentle morning yoga videos, as short as 10 or 15 minutes. Just something to get me moving on my mat. Somedays 10 minutes only, and I am off to enjoy my favorite cup of coffee. Other mornings, I stay longer, a 30+ minute practice feels good. I think Sun Salutations are a great way to build strength needed for more advanced poses.   I keep a yoga journal. I think this has been the number one tool to keep my motivation high. After each yoga practice, I take a few minutes to write the date, time, where I practiced (@home or @studio/teacher), and the duration. Then I jot down something about the practice: how did I feel, what pose did I enjoy the most, what pose did I resist the most, did I feel focused/distracted, did I have any proud moments in this practice? I don't want to have to skip a day, so it has been a good incentive for me.  I try to keep yoga current in my mind: I read yoga-related or yoga-inspired writing (e.g. currently reading Pema Chodron), I seek out yoga online via video (Candace!), Pinterest, blogs, this forum, et cetera. I am also working my way through the e-book Forty Days of Yoga ( which is good read as I work toward my goal of a home practice.  I try to do yoga poses throughout the day: tree pose while washing the dishes; plank pose during TV commercial, downward dog while I am talking to the kids about their homework (they have gotten used to talking to me while I am upside down lol). No, it doesn't replace a full practice, but it helps build strength which I am eager to bring to the mat.  I write it on my calendar, just like any other appointment or important event. I am enjoying reading what inspires others to show up at the mat regularly!
  10. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Committing To The Mat   
    What about setting an alarm on your phone? You might be able to make a reoccurring alarm for, say, the same three days a week at a certain time. Maybe you just get up 15 mins earlier and do yoga for that 15 mins - it doesn't have to be a crazy long time in order to reap benefits. Think of it as a meeting with your boss and make a commitment not to cancel. If you do, here are some vids I'd recommend: 
    5 min morning meditation to have a great day
    15 min morning yoga
    30 min restorative 
    20 min beginner yoga flow
  11. christinakc liked a post in a topic by yogagrammy in Huge Giveaway To Celebrate The Yoga Forum   
    A HUGE thank you to Candace and this awesome forum! I had been following the blog and when the forum was started I was super thrilled! As I've said before, I don't have a yoga studio to go to, however, our recreation commission has a weight room and has zumba classes and just a few months ago added a yoga class 3 times a week. With my night shift schedule, I'm either working or sleeping and just can't make it very often. This forum gives me the opportunity to talk Yoga with like minded people with a common interest and learn from not only Candace (which I've learned TONS!), but everyone on the forum as well!  Great forum Candace! Keep up the great work! 
  12. christinakc liked a post in a topic by Yogabliss in Huge Giveaway To Celebrate The Yoga Forum   
    Yey ! Congrats to yogagrammy but really I do feel that we are all winners, we form part of this great idea that Candace had which is awesome , you can just feel the good vines and intention in every single person that forms part of the fourm , I really wnat to thank you Candace and Greg, you guys rock
  13. christinakc liked a post in a topic by MrBalloonHands in YogaByCandace (YBC) Forum Rules   
    YogaByCandace (YBC) Forum Rules
    General Posting Rules
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  14. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Bolsters   
    Yes, Manduka should be excellent quality. Give us a review if you order it!
  15. yogagrammy liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Bolsters   
    After looking up the hugger mugger one that Candace had mentioned, I found a Manduka retangular aircore bolster which is available in the UK and it seems to be of equal quality to the hugger mugger one.
  16. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Weight Training   
    Yay! A new topic! 
    In my current city, my gym is an hour and fifteen min away, so I really have to talk myself into going because it's like an all day event 
    Recently, I've been doing more HIIT workouts - (jump rope is KILLER and I can do it from anywhere which I love), sprints at the track, and when I do make it to the gym I'll do a treadmill or bike HIIT workout (25 or 30 min sprint intervals) and then lift weights.
  17. christinakc liked a post in a topic by AlexandraW in Tips For Teacher Training   
    Hi Everyone!
    I start my yoga teacher training this upcoming Sunday. Our program is split up between Sundays and Wednesdays and spread over 6 months. I'm most nervous about getting through 14 hour days of yoga and training. Any insights on making it through long, intense days? Tips for training in general or ideas for meals and snacks for those long days? Thanks!
  18. christinakc liked a post in a topic by MaryKay in Bolsters   
    Do you own one?
    What do you use it for?
    What brand do you own?
    What brand should I get?

  19. christinakc liked a post in a topic by YogaByCandace in Bolsters   
    Great topic! I have a standard bolster from Hugger Mugger (I shared a few ways to use a bolster here) and I absolutely love it. I can attest to its durability, firmness (extremely important with a bolster) and quality. I think bolsters are vital for a great yin and restorative practice. 
  20. christinakc liked a post in a topic by yogagrammy in Where Are You Reading This From?   
    How exciting!
  21. christinakc liked a post in a topic by Verycoolwoman in Where Are You Reading This From?   
    Hi Candace!  It's your Mom signing in from Connecticut, USA  love you xo
  22. yogagrammy liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Where Are You Reading This From?   
    Hello, my name is Christina and I am in Belfast, Northern Ireland I am just starting my yoga teacher training. Very excited for the journey ahead!
  23. YogaByCandace liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Huge Giveaway To Celebrate The Yoga Forum   
    These prizes are awesome!!!
  24. MrBalloonHands liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Yoga Class Pet Peeves?   
    Worst pet peeve is when someone walks over my mat. Another is when people talk during the class!!
  25. Meugenio liked a post in a topic by christinakc in Need The Yoga Alliance?   
    When I was choosing my yoga teacher training course, seeing that it was Yoga Alliance approved gave me the added trust and security. I didn't see any options that weren't certified by Yoga Alliance but I think that's because there aren't many yttc options in Northern Ireland.
    If you do your research and talk with the business owner you should be ok! Good luck