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  1. I'm a translator, so I'm basically in front of the computer all day too... but I can't sit still for long and I'm aware of how I cross my legs in the same way every time. I try to get up and move. I also feel like I'm hunched all the time. I need to stick in more yoga time to open up my chest and shoulders more!
  2. I finally finally finally after 5 years gave myself a new yoga mat by REYOGA, an italian brand. I'd seen it a few times at the yoga festival in milan... it's natural rubber (you can use both sides, which are different colours) and has a pretty patterned texture. I'd like to try some of their yoga clothes... nice soft cottons, easy feel. I'm not so big on spandex leggings, although they are pretty!
  3. Hi! I'm Roanna, an american expat in Italy. I can't find a yoga course/studio I really love, so here I am!