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  1. Hey everyone, I'm really not an expert, I just started this summer to meditate and It's really hard 'cause (probably like every of us) I think to much! But, I discover that if I meditate on the morning before doing anything it's easier because my mind is already calm (or sort of!). I just sit on my yoga mat with a blanket on my shoulders! ; ) It really works ! I think about all the things I'm grateful to have in my life and just focus on my breath ! I noticed that my day is completly different when I'm doing that ! If I'm too excited before a meditation session I'll do some yoga routine ! Hope to share more with you guys ! : )
  2. A book a recently read and I'd loved it, it's The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin ! This is her story and she shares all her discoveries about how to be more happy even if you are already grateful for the life you have !
  3. Hi Candace ! I'm following your YouTube Channel since a little while : ) You are an inspiration for me and many of us I am pretty sure! I'm reading this from Alberta, but I'm from Quebec (that's why you can notice some grammar mistakes, sorry!) ; ) xo