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  1. I came to say huge "Thank you Candace" again. Just did today's "45 min feel good practice" - and I really-really feel good now And thank you for including a full savasana in it - it's always a trick to note the time for it, lying there with your eyes closed Meugenio, I am sure you do have a progress , it was just a bad day. We all have those from time to time.
  2. Great project!!! Open my heart is exactly what I need right now! Did both yesterday's and today's practices, and was able to push myself up in a wheel pose! Soooo excited!!! Happy practice to everyone!
  3. I have unexpected journey to my native land, and there's so many meetings and events here (and practically no internet connections), so it's really hard to get to the mat (and no mat here too). So I try to do what I can, some warm ups, or sun salutation (it's what I'm sure about how to do right), and some attempts to do baby grasshopper. Think it's much better than nothing, till I come back home this Sunday :-).
  4. Hurray, it's a Day 1! And I'm in such a great company here! I picked a baby grasshopper pose (it's the most popular here ), and today it was "blink-and-you'll-miss-it quality", like Hildegard said . But I could lift my...mmm... bottom off the ground, so feel excited now! Good luck everyone!
  5. Hurray! I'm in!!! Not sure about the pose yet. I'll try some these days and choose...
  6. Omg, I look fantastic there . Thank you, Candace! I wouldn't start practice for months if not this project. Can't wait January challenge Girls, you are really amazing!!! Such a great job!
  7. This project is awesome! I reached my goal! And I want even more now! New challenge is coming! Yay!
  8. Have all the same feelings! So wonderful!!! did it! )) Sorry for the quality of my photos, I don't have camera and not very familiar to Photoshop (. I hope you could make them...a little prettier
  9. Happy Birthday to ThePrincessRants!! All the best wishes!
  10. Wow! That's amazing! Congratulations!
  11. Happy-happy birthday!!! All the best wishes!
  12. Today I did my first Supta Gomukhasana ever. Such a good feelings! Like it much! How's your new practice, ladies?
  13. Photo is sent and feedback is submitted My legs are almost straight in forward fold, wow! Going to believe I really can . Really great feeling
  14. Oh, and the browser is Google Chrome, if it matters
  15. Hi again I've just changed the theme, but icons are still invisible upd. changed back to YBC Desktop - and icons of forum sections appeared. But everything from the top disappeared - I don't see even "Mana" and "Sind out" now