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  1. These prizes are amazing. I've wanted to try a Black Mat Pro forever, and I would love love love to have a Sweat DVD to throw in my bag when I travel for work! Thanks for the opportunity, Candace.
  2. I love postures that stretch the obliques, like Triangle and Extended Side Angle. I also love arm balances and inversions--Galavasana, Hurdlers, and Eight Angle are some of my faves, and I'm constantly working on making Forearm Stand and Handstand stronger. I also want to be able to straighten my arms in Crow, but my wrists are so tight, that's a long-term goal.
  3. For me, arm balances and inversions are super fun and easy, but certain hip and heart openers are incredibly challenging. I also have super tight shoulders. Dancers, Floor Bow, Wheel, Camel, Birds of Paradise, Pigeon--these are all toughies for me.
  4. I absolutely love MPG for yoga clothes. They have tops and bottoms plus outerwear and I think even underwear for running, yoga, pilates, etc--super compressive, very flattering, not see through or slippery at all. The pants aren't that expensive to begin with (compared with Lulu or Teeki or Onzie), but I also tend to find lots of MGP options at Marshall's for $25. Can't beat it! Highly recommend.
  5. Does anyone else have that regular student who regularly farts in Happy Baby?
  6. Definitely agree with other posters here as to some gentle caffeine if you can tolerate it (black, green, white tea), lots of water, and nuts and fruits for satiety and long-lasting energy. I'd add cut up veggies and hummus to that list--super portable, doesn't require refridgeration or silverware, and tasty! I'd also recommend bringing layers so you can keep your body temperature regulated between long stretches of sitting and periods of movement. Oh--and body wipes for when you sweat!
  7. I just think it's so important to be your authentic self as a teacher. If deity stories, chanting, or kriyas don't speak to you, then don't try to force them in your teaching. If you geek out over anatomy, share that passion with your students--telling them exactly what is happening in their bodies can open up whole new worlds for them. If you studied philosophy or anthropology or science--something that seems unrelated to yoga to the layperson, but where you see symbolic chains of association, share them! Your students will begin to see that yoga isn't a separate thing they do for an hour a day a few days a week--it's connected to other interests and elements of their lives, of society and culture, and of human history!
  8. Candace, this is such an amazing, magical community you've brought together. Your work is inspiring! I'm Brook, posting from Chicago, where I have a full time job in branding and communications strategy, and teach power vinyasa and yin yoga on the side.