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  1. Eeek! I feel super fancy. I've been reading that column for ages and never thought I'd have a question in it, lol.
  2. I've used head space and the yoga emporium's meditate 4 ever. They are great, but I'm always on the hunt for more as I build up my meditation practice and get ready to fly solo.
  3. These suggestions are fantastic! I can't wait to check them all out!
  4. I seem to have lost my balance! In class, I cannot hold any of my balance poses - including my favorite tree. While I do sometimes rush it or try to muscle through it during class, I'm finding that things aren't any better during my home practice. How do I develope my balance "muscles"?
  5. I hate having hair in my face during practice. During hot yoga I also get the added fun of crazy sweat. Is there a headbad that can deal with one or better both of these problems? I have straight hair that is sometimes long, sometimes short. I recently tried the lll bang buster and it was ok but slid around more than I like. Sweaty bands are awesome but they slide a bit in my hair. Anyone else struggle with this?
  6. Groovy giveaway! And I love that you are expanding your community into a forum. I'm new to following you, but really dig the vibe of your posts and its nice to have a spot to post questions for you and your peeps.
  7. Headspace tends to let you sit in silence for a bit, breaking it up with some guidance and bringing you back to your breathe. They are training wheels for getting you prepped to go solo. Meditation 4ever is more talking the whole time, but they are short and generally focused on a specific intention. I'll try out the Deepak ones! And mantra is good, but I can only go about 5 minutes with mantra only right now. Still need to build up my meditation endurance.
  8. Never would have thought of pre-wrap! But my head might be oddly shaped, too, so I will look in to that. I'll check out the Scunci's, too!
  9. I have a lulu mat from a year ago. It's nice and squishy and didn't have a slippery issue like many do. The downside was that it stretched out in poses like downward dog. Also a bit fragile for friction like when you are moving your feet on the mat, pivoting on the ball of the foot for standing poses. I got it cheap and was glad bc it didn't seem to be ready for heavy rotation.
  10. I think mirrors might be good for privates or a personal practice. But in a studio they feel like a distraction.