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  1. I'm in and posted a pic of my camel pose on Nov. 1st. Looking forward to the challenge!!
  2. I work at my computer all day, 4 days a week and have definitely suffered from tight hips, stiff neck and tight chest and arm muscles. I get massages twice monthly to help as well as doing yoga and getting chiropractic adjustments monthly. I think the thing that has shown me the most improvement is regular yoga classes. I am have only been going for almost a year but I really have more range of motion and less discomfort. I especially love yin yoga which I think is helping a great deal. Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to take a break every 20 minutes or so to get up and stretch. Think I need to set a little timer to stay on track with that. :-)
  3. General pet peeves: I also get annoyed with people talking too loudly before AND after class. I mean really - it's not a cocktail party!! Before is a bit irritating but after is really a vibe destroyer! Just my opinion but I have been trying to remember what my teachers have suggested which is to consider the threshold of the doorway to our yoga studio the point at which you remind yourself to relax, let go of everything 'out there' and focus on calm, etc. Most of us speak softly but there are still a few regulars that can't seem to help themselves. Also, people coming in late is very disruptive as well as some who SLAP their mats down loudly!! GEEEEZE!!! Okay, I'm working on the judgmental thang! :-)
  4. Hi, I finally settled on my Jade Harmony mat and love it!! I had tried the extra long Manduka one that my husband purchased (AND LOVES!!) after reading so many great things about it but I was still slipping around a bit. When I tried the Jade mat I stuck to it with no problems. I love it and feel really secure on it. I have had it for several months now and it looks great but I keep in in a mat bag inside the house and never leave it in the heat of my car. So many people like their mats for different reasons so you never know..... Hope this helps :-)
  5. I don't mean this to be a downer but I have just re-read a book that I loved called Losing Your Parents - Finding Yourself by Victoria Secunda. I know it sounds depressing but it isn't and is amazing and very eye opening. I was blown away the first time I read it and saw many similarities in my husband's family after both his parents passed. It wouldn't normally be the type of thing I'd read but after I saw her interviewed when the book launched, I was hooked. Here is a quick description: A groundbreaking book that explores the impact on one's life of losing a parent in adulthood. Drawing from her study of 100 adults and her own experiences, Secunda addresses a myriad of issues. She also explores how losing a parent reshapes one's sense of self, causing a reevaluation of choices not possible before.
  6. This book sounds fascinating! I'll have to give it a go. Thanks!
  7. Loving my elliptical at home right now because you can get an intense workout in less time. Also mixing in weights with my weekly yoga classes and bike riding around the beaches here.
  8. Well, that depends!! Today I'm carrying It Cosmetics Celebration Illumination Powder Foundation in 'Fair'. It is great for sheer coverage where you need it and best applied with a brush. I also apply under my eyes with a brush to hide dark circles and it works like a charm without looking heavy 'cause we don't need any enhancement of fine lines now do we? :-) Also using Maybeline BabyLips lip balm. Love the sheerness of the colors. And for a little extra sass I apply a little Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in 'Fashionably Late'. It has a really pretty opaline sheen over other colors or alone. I also used a dark bronze-brown liner pencil from Mally Cosmetics to line the inner rims. It gives a cool smoky look but not as harsh as a black. Can you tell I used to work in the industry?? LOL!! As for MASCARA.....(since Candace mentioned it) I am always looking for the perfect one. Right now I've gone back to an old fav: Great Lash Waterproof in black although it's not the ultimate I just refuse to pay a lot for something that you should throw away every 3 to 4 months so I'll keep trying new drugstore brands on the the great hunt. :-) I always have a large collection of brands that I'm experimenting with. One of my favorite makeup gurus can be found at lisaeldridge.com. She is a well-known British makeup artist and has great videos on Youtube with all product info. Love her!!
  9. Hi Candace! I'm a blog~YoutubeChannel~Instagram follower of yours for some time now. Just signed up for this forum from my office in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Are you still planning on a few classes in November in Jacksonville, Florida? I have put in a good word for you at Ocean Yoga Center, the studio where I have a membership but don't know if they ever replied to you. Hope we'll all get a chance to practice with you! Thanks so much for everything you share with all of us!! Awesome 'giveaway' by the way! Take care, Jill