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  1. Hmm I'd never thought of using it for broth. You use fish broth for soup?
  2. The crockpot is my lifesaver some days. On a Sunday I love to start it in the morning and get to take the start of the week off of cooking. Usually though I just throw beans, spices, tomatoes, onions, etc into the pot and make chili.. not very creative. What are yalls go to crockpot meals?
  3. I was a high school and college runner- I started to do yoga as a way to counteract my lack of flexibility. It turns out that yoga helped big time with my IT Band syndrome
  4. I also loooove coffee. One good thing about loose-leaf tea is that you can make it as strong as you want. Also, I really like a Dirty Chai- a chai latte with an espresso shot added- yummm!
  5. Most of my loose leaf tea is from Teavana. I do drink bagged tea too, especially when I'm in a hurry. One bagged tea I love is Stash Chai Green Tea.
  6. I really like banana and spinach paired together.. you can barely taste the spinach! From there I will either add some frozen mango or strawberries. If I want protein I'll add in some plain Greek yogurt.
  7. Anyone else drink tea? What's your favorite kind? Ever mix your own tea blend? I love loose leaf tea, but it's pricey so I'd like to try mixing my own