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  1. I also sit in front of the computer for most of my working day. I try to give my body a break by going to the gym or for a run over lunch on a couple of days each week. Other than that, I try to visit other people at their desk or in the lab if I need to talk to them instead of just giving them a call. I find that face to face interaction is often more efficient (it may take more time, but I actually get what I need in the end) and it moves my body.

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  2. The reason why I started doing yoga was actually running. I developed ITB syndrom a couple of years ago, and after some googling I found an injury prevention yoga video for runners which I started doing regularly. From there, I started doing other videos from the same place, and so it all started with yoga.


    I run 2-3 times a week between 6 and 12 km (sorry, I'm all metric). Last year, I did a half marathon, and I might do another one next year. But recently, I also started trail running, and I enjoy it a lot. For me it's more about the experience of being outside than actually improving my stats.

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