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  1. I think you hit a nail smack on the head for me. "It's mostly about the end result..." YES! I often feel that the beginnng levels of the asanas are left out. Use of various props to help get a beginner to the correct form. I often look at the strings of poses and think two things. 1) I'm not ready for that 2) One pose every day.... I am not going anywhere near that without a warm up or focus. I could get behind a.... Daily Short Flow or a modification practice. This is something I have been chewing on since I returned to the mat, and started dodging the "challenges". I can't tell you how comforting it is to realize that I am not alone in my thinking and realizing that sometimes, unplugging... is the smart thing to do.
  2. I had a conversation with my sister in law about one of the "challenges" I was invited to take part in. Having not ever tried yoga herself, she admitted that she was fasincated... and felt that she might be able to do maybe 3 or 4 of the poses.... We talked about how starting a yoga practice can be as easy as trying 1 basic pose daily, then after a bit, learning to string them together. She was legitimately curious about yoga as a potential weight loss activity. We had an honest conversation about it. I admitted that I would probably let my wife take pictures of me stringing together the first 11 days of this challenge.... and then take 10 more.... and then 10 more, but one pose a day.... was not where I am... and I am not about to call my wife to my mat for a picture mid or end of my practice. I like that this social media yoga has people curious. I like that it has helped folks to get onto a path of wellness and body awareness. I like that it has pushed us to really think about our individual practices and make a point to honor where our practice really is. I get to go deeper... that is important
  3. Recently, I knew I was going into class extremely stressed out. I made myself go to this class, when what I really wanted was to go home and cry. I promised myself that I needed to go to this class, I needed to take care of myself. You can't pour from an empty cup, right? The one thing I can count on in class is that my mat is always right where I put it. Under my feet and on top of the very dependable floor. (You can always trust that the floor is going to hold up, it's end of the bargain) Early in class, we had just finished gentle passes through Cat and Cow. The first balance challenged comes up. Extending opposite arm and leg. I'm there... I feel wobbly so I extend both a little more... reaching higher.... and the next thing I know... I am over on my side. Still stressed out, but improving.... while laying on the floor, I "mooo'd"..... My class mates all tip over like dominoes and laughing.... our instructor laughed.... and said " When we fall over, sometimes it is like cow tipping" It took a good few minutes before we were all back on our mats
  4. Thank you, afriske. I'm finding my true joy in working all aspects of yoga. Years ago, when I started... it was all about the asanas. I fell out of my practice and came back, with a different attitude.
  5. I needed a place to put this... and this seemed the best place. I know that there are a lot of topics of Yoga in Social Media... and they aren't wrong, they just aren't for me. Maybe, in my previoius practice... maybe. I love seeing all of the various "challenges".. a whole month or two weeks of balance, strength and other poses that might help to shake up a practice out of a rut. Because we are all in danger of "ruts" in our practices and hobbies. I really enjoy watching people experience yoga.... from the very beginner to the most advanced instructor. I have been invited to join in several of the "pose a day" challenges and I constantly drag my feet to join... I watch... but almost never do you see me in a photo or a "selfie". Maybe I am at a place where my practice is truly between my mat and I....... not between me and anyone else. My mat knows that I am struggling to get back to the most basic of head/hand stands.... I am not compelled to share it with anyone. I'm okay with talking about my practice, the physical challenges I am expereincing and where the world me and the mat me join to move through the world together. I love watching... but I am just not compelled to share. I'm alright with this, honoring the place where my pratice is.... I suppose I need to spend some more time letting go, of the things that don't serve me or my practice. I don't expect a response.... but I did need to share this with other people on the mat.... because you might get it more than someone who doesn't make kissy friends with the floor.
  6. Bumping this oldie back up. I'm in the process of rekindling my relationship with my mat. I fell off my practice when I went back to working in an office almost three years ago. I had an on/off thing with it until last year, when I fell completely off. Other hobbies, life. .. whatever... we broke up. Fast forward to the start of this year, viral pneumonia kicked my tail, subsequent infections left me wasted, weak and in bad shape. I'm lucky, I work in a medical office, one of my nurses is also a yoga instructor. She encouraged me to come to class and just roll out my mat and be present. I did... I struggled through 15 minutes of our 1 hour class, laid in Savasana and let the tears run down my temples. I went back the next week and did the same. I found myself mourning my old practice, the one that I had left and was angry with my current body (medication weight, stress related hair loss.. etc) Each time, my active participation in class grew and my tears lessened. It's been 3 months,I make it through a whole class now and I have just started to rekindle home practice, now that I feel more confident and capable. I'm still a long way off, but I realize that it really is a commitment and more like a relationship than an exercise routine. My mat is really only a tangible represtation of myself. I'm on the right path physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, I'm making a goal of getting out my mat daily, even if it only means Savasana for a little while.
  7. Thanks, Candace. I've got lots of reading to catch up on! I agree, the return is hard. I'm learning to "honor the space between no longer and not yet" (which is a great quote, but can't recall it's author ) Thank you again! *edit * Nancy Levin is the author of my quote
  8. After a long absence I'm returning to my mat. This time around, I'm finding more fulfillment and a better connection.
  9. My name is Stacy and I'm in Placerville, California