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  1. I am out of my normal routine (currently unemployed and living in a new city) but I used to teach a 5:30 am hot yoga/pilates type class and as horrible as it sounds, I loved it. I would roll out of bed, teach my class, drink a big glass of water and then have my lovely cup of coffee after showering and getting ready for the day. The only problem was that when I didn't have to teach, I would sleep in and drink coffee first thing and not work out until early afternoon. So when money and responsibilities are in play, I'll absolutely work out before coffee! Which is why now that I'm doing things on my own time, I am trying to wake up, drink water, do 30 minutes of easy morning yoga and then have my coffee. I don't need coffee and usually only drink half a cup (I know, I know, I'm a horrible "coffee addict" haha) but the taste and the warmth and the comfort is what I'm drinking it for. I honestly think a big glass of water helps me focus more than coffee. Anyone else drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning? I would be so cranky without that, but coffee I could do without if I had to
  2. Hi! I'm Ryann and I am reading this from Halifax, Nova Scotia! I'm a Louisiana native now living in Canada