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  1. I do this too! I try to just be aware of it during transitions, so I can concentrate on making sure I'm not TOO far off-center. Overall, though, I just let myself move and don't even notice it until savasana. At that point, I try to make sure I'm somewhat aligned on the mat before I lay down, especially because my studio encourages an arms-overhead full-body stretch at the end of savasana. But you're not alone!
  2. Has anyone here done a Wanderlust108 event before? I'm signed up for my first one this fall (which reminds me that I'm way behind in my 5k training, ha). I'm just wondering what I can expect from the event. All I've really been able to determine is that there's a 5k, then a yoga class, then a meditation session, then an optional and additional session (I've signed up for aerial yoga). I have no idea what the vibe is like. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for posting this question! Your story seems so similar to mine--I was diagnosed with ADD a few months ago, and have noticed marked improvement with a low dosage (10 mg 2x/day) of medication. I haven't found anything that's really helped my practice other than that; however, I'm hoping that the coping mechanisms I'm (slowly) developing to help deal with my ADD in my "regular" life will help me to be more focused on the mat as well. If I do find anything helpful, I'll come back and share it. I did recently make a mala as a way to hopefully help me focus during meditation. It's been helpful, but not a total fix. (As a side note, if you have an iPhone, the app "Productive" has been a godsend for me.)
  4. Hi there! I have some pain in my left wrist leftover from a feeble attempt at snowboarding. (they tell you not to "soften" your fall with your hands, but it's instinct for me!) As a result, there are days where I can't put any pressure on that hand, because the pain in my wrist is so great. Most of the time, however, I can do poses that put equal weight on both hands, like down dog or table (cat/cow, etc. as well). On bad days, I can't even do that. I know how to mitigate the bad days--just do a standing flow. But what do I do on a regular basis? I already have to avoid wheel pose, and things like side plank or grasshopper are near impossible to do on my left side. Should I forego these poses altogether (instead of doing them on one side?)