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  1. Welcome Michel! I'm me from Australia. How long have you been doing yoga for?
  2. Hi Harsh, welcome! How did you get into yoga?
  3. Hi Robert, thanks so much for all your tips! I recently videoed my forward fold and what do you know - the lower back was bending too much. I've started to focus on hinging from the hips and it has meant I'm further from my knees than before but at least I'm doing the pose more correctly. I'm pretty sure the hips are also limiting me so trying to incorporate deep hip stretched into all of my practices. Thanks again for your help!!
  4. Well hello! I love your blog and Instagram Candace. It's so great to follow your journey and hear your stories. you should do a yoga retreat in Au - us Aussies are very nice you know! Thanks for the tips, that's a good idea about doing a ragdoll while waiting for water to boil. I'll start making that time a little more productive!
  5. Maybe it's because I'm viewing on my phone but I can't see any signatures - I'll have a look on my laptop later thanks!
  6. Hi Robbie, glad it's not just me! I must admit I haven't been all that systematic in my search for information on the forum and blog, more like sporadically reading anything that looks interesting (most of the posts do) so I don't get very far before I'm distracted haha. Thanks for the tips Melbourne is fine, depending on when you were here it's probably more crowded etc, and the weather is still unpredictable and awful! Where are you based now?
  7. Just popping a little introduction in here My name is Em, I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I started yoga almost 2 years ago as an alternative to intense gym workouts that were making me feel stressed. I mainly do yoga at home using an app on my Ipad. I love to read about yoga, watch yoga videos, look at photos etc. I joined the forums as I have been reading for a little while and wanted to be able to contribute and ask questions as well. My main yoga concerns are (very) tight hips and hamstrings which are slowly opening and a tension in my upper back. I'd be really interested to hear about other people who have tight hips/hammys and how you have improved flexibility in those areas.
  8. Hi ohpayk, I have another tip for crow pose. I heard somewhere that you should squeeze your upper arms with your knees rather than stacking your knees on your elbows. Doing this changed my ability from being able to hold crow for 15 seconds to over a minute.