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  1. Hi Candace! I love your yoga video's. The last two weeks I practiced: '30 minute restorative Yoga video for hip flexibility' and '15 minute Yoga for chest and shoulders' and '60 minutes Vinyasa Flow/ low back and Hamstring Stretch'. I really love these videos! My hamstrings are quite tight. When I sit with my legs straight on the floor, I cannot sit upright! I really want to stretch my hamstrings. I'm getting a little more flexible now, but not yet as flexible as I want. Do you think it might help if I stay any longer in these poses, to get my hamstrings more flexible? If so My question: could you make a video with hamstring strechting poses that last longer? I hope to reach my goal: being able to sit upright with straight legs / less tight hamstrings That would be amazing! Thank you for your inspiring yoga videos! Annemarie (from Holland)