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  1. Right after a tiring flow, time to do down dog for 5 breaths: "I wonder the teacher is going to rest(!) in downward dog with us, or will he choose to walk among us as usual... yep he walks again..." When there is mostly women in class and teacher says we will pracitce arm balances today : "YES!!!" When the class goes upavistha konkasana (and for me this is no different than basically sitting up straight with wide legs) : "how could I possibly have thought that I could become a yoga instructor EVER" Finally at shavasana: "I wonder what the teacher is doing now.... Is her eyes open? .... What if I am the only one with the eyes closed?? ..... must resist the urge to take a peek " When you wake up with the teachers voice and you realize you fell asleep in shavasana. "Oh ----!!! Ok where are we now, are we still laying or did we already roll to our right side already? Shut up and listen to the sounds already... listen!!" When class is doing warrior 3 and you lose your balance and fall, look around,see the woman next to you doing a perfect warrior 3: " What if I give her a little push with my point finger hihihi" With Love, Serdar