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  1. Hello Candace!! Thank you so much for your response, it certainly did help a lot! Ive read the reviews you have linked and you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about now but at least I have a guide with what I want to be looking for now– I think I need something on the thicker end. So at the moment im tossing up between Maduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat and the Jade Yoga Harmony Mat… hmmm decisions decisions I will be travelling from Brisbane to Los Angeles to visit my brother and I was thinking it might be a smart idea to purchase the mat over there so I only have to worry about bring it home, but regardless im so excited for a holiday! Thanks again, Kate
  2. Hi Jasmine, I am from Australia too, It might be a bit late but I've found an awesome website that sells Teeki yoga pants for a pretty decent price! Ive purchased my own pair of Teeki's and Onzie yoga pants from there and they are pretty reliable due to the experience ive had They dont have every single style thats advertised on the Teeki website though, but may be something to look at for next time
  3. Hello everyone, I need some advice! I have been practicing yoga for a couple of years now but more consistently over the past 8 months. I will be travelling overseas in October for about 3 weeks and I can’t imagine going without my practice for that long! So I thought it may be time to invest in a yoga mat specifically for travel. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good yoga mat especially for travel? Thank you in advanced Kate