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  1. I've gotten a couple of things on Amazon from Yoga Clothing for You and I really like their stuff so far. The clothing is really comfortable, and it fits! On Amazon the under $25 option is my fav.
  2. I got into my headstand without the wall yesterday, WOOT! But, I'm finding it harder to do so in a supported headstand. Is that one more difficult due to the arms being closer to the body? I've got a pretty good handle on the tuck and roll though! My BF was very impressed, lol.
  3. Google pelvic floor exercises, there are tons of resources to choose from. There are in-depth articles that explain what tensing the right muscles should feel like, etc. It's definitely more than just kegals. I hope this helps.
  4. I can watch TV while practicing my headstand, no problem! Let's do this! The backbend challenge helped me find more balance. But I'm ready to step it up and get in that headstand without the wall! WOOT!
  5. [attachment=33:namaste.jpg] With walking out of the hellfire of an abusive life comes clarity. I had thought that all I wanted in my life was to be left alone. But my clarity showed me different. I was awakened to the thought that I don't actually want to be alone, I just want to be. And so this shift of thought came over me and I realized I had found what I've been longing for all my life in yoga. To just be. The process hasn't been quick or easy. Like all wounds they need time and care to heal so the rehabilitation can take place. So the breaking down to build muscle can make me stronger, the smoothing of the scar tissue can lengthen my reach, and the silence can bring out what I already hold within, myself.
  6. When my kids were younger and in tumbling I used to play games "who can" games with them like who can lay as straight as a board?, who can stretch like a cat?, etc. Now that they are older I just do my yoga and when they join me we do animal poses and talk about what animals they are and what they sound like when they stretch and yawn. They are more comfortable with it when we are having a conversation, it's kind of distracting from the exercise part. Plus, now that they are older, I can explain to them the meanings behind the poses and get them to try way more things now that it is interesting and not just some lame thing mom does. ;D
  7. My BF is very leary of doing yoga with me. But now that he started running again I suggested the post run yoga video. He looked interested for a sec, but then my boys (who do yoga with me) started in asking him to join us and I think it scared him away. lol I think this may be one reason he is resisting my gental offers, inflexability. I'm gonna use the 'not too dirty to take a bath' line next time he runs. Thanks for the great perspective!
  8. My son and I were comparing our wheel poses to her example too. I have to work on my arm stregnth and flexability for sure so it looks like we will be warming up with the chair yoga Candace suggested for opening the chest and arms. I see significant improvement in our future tho! ;D
  9. We're almost ready. I have to go buy a yoga mat for my son who is joining me with this challenge. We took 'before' pictures on Saturday. It's gonna be a blast, for sure!
  10. This is awesome! The next move is focus with my boys, especially my 11 year old. He is actually doing the 28 day challenge with me starting today. They did some yoga at their school too and he said he really liked it. ;D We both are practicing wheel pose and he got so excited when he did it by himself for the first time on Saturday!
  11. Welcome! I suspect lyme myself, but have never been tested yet. Here is a good resource I found: http://mylymediseasetreatment.com/lyme-disease-general/how-to-find-a-lyme-literate-doctor-llmd-in-your-area/ I'm glad to hear yoga is offering some relief for you!
  12. That's awesome you guys! I'm thinking of finding some poses that they can do easily and putting together a sequence to do with them next time. My 14 y/o (as seen above) was in tumbling and was a total natural. We are trying to encourage him to do track in 9th grade and I think doing yoga would really help out with his stability and flexibility.
  13. I've wanted to get my boys (11 & 14) to do yoga with me for a while now. So I figured today it's a good day to start, finally! Of course it is not going to be anywhere near the calming experience it usually is when no one is home, but we had a great time! We laughed and chatted about the poses named after animals, I adjusted their postures a little, and fell over a lot. 12 minutes kicked their butts! But in the end my 14 y/o showed me up with his headstand...
  14. I love tea! Earl Gray and Constant Comment are two of my all time fav tea bags. I really enjoy plum, rose, or hibiscus teas too. I pretty much enjoy every kind of tea I've run across, they all have their own occasions. Some of the suggestions on here are next on my list. I guess I'm pretty lucky, I get my loose leaf tea from the organic section of the market near us. And and Whole Foods, they have a huge selection. I really enjoy my mug because I can go both ways, bag or loose leaf! It's a Copco Travel Tea Infuser Mug I picked up somewhere in Korea, lol. Thanks for sharing!
  15. I use the search 'yoga for...' And then put in something specific . I've made whole sequences out of separate poses I've googled. Pinterest had tons of stuff. I use you tube a lot too.