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  1. I've just finished teacher training and I would say if you feel that you're ready to do it and the timing is right, do it. Don't let anything stop you. It's an amazing way to deepen your personal practice and I've seen some amazing breakthroughs in just one week with extensive daily practise. Honestly, at the end of your training, you don't need to teach. You can have the qualification, maybe go away and gain confidence and teach some family or friends and you'll know when you're ready to teach other people. Also, don't let fear and perfectionism stand in the way. I've only been teaching for a few weeks and I put this massive wall up saying "Oh, I'll never be up to the standard of my favourite teachers so I can't teach." And as soon as you do this, you set yourself up for failure and unhappiness with your efforts. Finally, I've heard of some teachers (mainly males) who aren't very flexible e.g. they demonstrate paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) with a strap. Now, I've never had a teacher who can't touch their toes but I know that it's very reassuring for many students because they can see that you're on the same journey as them. There's a mentality that people who do yoga are flexible and all yoga teachers are extrememely flexible and students are very intimidated because the teacher is folding themselves in half in front of them and they can barely touch their toes. It's great for students to see someone else, especially a teacher, find the poses challenging and watch their progress because it's very inspiring for them and encourages them to keep at it because they can also progress in the poses if they put in the effort. I hope you do it, even if it is just for your own practice. It's an amazing opportunity. But it's also not going anywhere. If you don't feel ready, you don't have to do it now. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. Hi Candace, I have trouble with Malasana and I think it's because I have tight achilles. I can get my heels down in the pose, but I feel like I'm going to plonk back on my bum at any moment. Is this due to the achilles? Are there any stretches I can do to lengthen them? Thanks, Claudia
  3. Hi Candace, My flexibility is above average, particularly my hips, groins and hamstrings from years of dancing. When I do hanumanasana, my hips usually aren't square but when I try squaring my hips, I'm not as flat in splits anymore and I also can't feel the hamstring stretch like I could when my hips were more open. My question is how do I work on squaring the hips in and still feel the stretch in the hammies? Thanks, Claudia