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  1. I'm a web programmer, so I'm seated at my desk at least 9 hours a day. Until a couple of years ago this posture didn't create specific issues to me, but now I suffer quite constantly by neck and back tension and pain, especially in upper back area. I've noticed that seated position has a negative impact on my mood, too, and in the evening I'm often very nervous and stressed. To do something about these issues I’m going to the gym at lunch time when I can, I’m taking postural training classes one time a week (that day I’m sure I won’t suffer back pain!) and I try to incorporate 5-10 minutes of specific sequences for upper back and neck in every yoga session or in the evening. Deep twists of the torso and opening chest sequences are the stretches that make me feel better. Yoga chair routines are also fantastic: I have put a reminder on, so I’m sure to do it at least one time a day
  2. What do you think about detox yoga? I'm talking about effectiveness of certain poses and flows that are supposed to detoxify the body due to different compression on internal organs. I know this issue is a little bit controversial in yoga environment, so I'm trying to learn something more about it. Beyond that, I love this kind of sequences, they make me feel great and in a very good mood :-)
  3. I'm definitely in love with my Kitchenaid: I use to bake homemade bread and pizzas, so it's very useful to make good doughs. And it is so nice in the kitchen :-) Kettle is essential for me because I drink a lot of tea and another tool I use daily is an immersion blender, for soups, overnight porridges, sauces. Vitamix is still in my dreams, but it's a little bit bulky and I really cannot imagine where to put it in the kitchen now :-( Finally, my next purchase will be for sure an electric dehydrator, I'm looking forward to dry tons ov fruits and vegetables :-)
  4. Wonderful, thanks! Do you think this particolar stretch could be useful to muscles of collarbone area, too? In last days I have a little stiffness and pain there and I've noticed that shoulder steretches make me feel instantly better.
  5. I'm not that expert about mats, but I bought a Manduka eko Lite 4mm a few weeks ago and I love it! Really a great grip, a perfect thickness for my knees, just a little bit heavy, but I often practice at home, so that's not a big deal. And another this mat has another great advantage: my cat doesn't seem to appreciate rubber smell, so it's finally safe from her claws!
  6. Hi Candace, what a beautiful thing this forum! I'm Laura and I'm writing from Milan, Italy.