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  1. Great project and beautiful post on the blog, I totally agree with you. Strengthening my whole body is one of my purposes for next months, so this challenge couldn't be more suitable.  I think I'll chose wheel, I'd like to build strength in shoulders and core to lift a leg (or even a feet!) from floor in that pose, which seems me something inconceivable now :lol: I'll work also on full boat pose to balance.


    Thanks for another awesome project  :13:

  2. My pose for this challenge is bird of paradise, so I'll working on balance, hip opening and flexibility. I would like to straighten the leg one day!

    Capture the moment to take the picture will be a big issue, but that's the reason I've chosen this pose :lol:

  3. My rose and thorn of past week are both related to my mother, who died several months ago. The thorn is that I've had to close her bank account, and this simple bureaucratic issue, last one of the very numerous and tortuous things to do in such situations, has given to me an extreme sense of emptiness. 


    But I've had a bright rose, also: I've received a few old pictures from my parents’ friend. There is one with my mother and my father when I was a little girl: they were so young, peaceful and happy in those photos and it was sweet and touching to see them in such a beautiful moment. This has brightened up all my memories.

  4. Hi Candace! I was pretty sure I had a decent shoulder flexibility, but when I tried to make necessary rotation and movement to come into king dancer pose my shoulder was completely blocked! :23:

    What poses and stretches do you suggest to focus on to increase shoulders flexibility and opening that are needed to come in Natarajasana?



  5. Hi, I've never been to a Bikram yoga class, but I recently found a school here in my town and I'm curios, even if this style of yoga intimidates me a little. I'd like to hear your opinions and suggestions about it 


    Have a great day and weekend! :)

  6. lifting the leg just adds another element of flexibility to the already intense mix of shoulder, chest, armpit, front body and hip flexor. Lifting the leg is like doing a split so if you lift the right leg you'll be looking to increase flexibility in the right leg hamstring and left leg hip flexor (which you're already doing with wheel but it'll be even deeper because you're essentially doing a little split) :54:


    Thanks Candace :) Wooow, a mini split, so today's hip flexors sequence will be perfect!

  7. Hi! Today I've received the dehydrator I've ordered a couple of days ago, with a recipe book to find some good ideas. I can't wait to test it, I think I'll start with something easy like sweet potato or apple chips, but I've seen a very interesting recipe: a sort of "wafer" made with squeezed orange juice wastes. I love citrus and I love to recycle, so that's very intriguing. 

    I'll let you know :)

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  8. Sounds like you are doing great! I, too, am surprised by how much I've improved in 11 days. I think part of it is that I've chosen a part strength, part balance posture (headstand), so the balance is coming along quickly.


    I'll be honest--I have a pretty strong upper body, can easily do chaturanga, even 10-15 pushups, and I STILL have a very tough time rising up into high plank with a flat back. That is a tough one for me!! :) :)


    Thanks and congrats!

    Upper body strength is my main weak point, it will be a very very long journey for me, then :lol:

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  9. Hi all, how is it going your strengthening program? I'm still very far from my crow pose, my arms tremble a lot, I don't feel safe and I can barely lift my feet from the floor. I'm focusing on some other poses to build strength in my arms and core in these days: baby grasshopper and chaturanga dandasana. I can hold'em for a few breaths!  Hum... a very small accomplishment, but I feel already stronger than ten days ago :)
    One of my goals for this challenge and upcoming weeks is to rise up from floor to high plank. It seems sooooooo easy when I watch at Candace's videos, for me it's something nearly inconceivable at this moment. But I'll can do it, some day  ;)

  10. Hi! I've just completed my day#3 practice and I feel great :-)

    I'm working of my crow pose always using my friend wall: I've tried to focus on my core and ribs muscles and I could hold the pose for a few seconds, but I still have the awful sensation of falling forward, maybe is there anything wrong in what I do?


    Thank you so much Candace for this challenge! I should never tried crow pose without this project  :)

  11. Hi all! I've completed day #1 of this challenge and I've started to work on my crow pose, in front of a wall at the moment, to deal with my worries of falling forward and break my face :unsure: 

    I was surprised because I could handle the pose for about 1-2 seconds! I know, it's very little, but it's a  big achievement for me  :lol:

    Now I know I surely need to build strength (my weak point), but what I have to work on the most is my fear!

  12. Hi all! I'm sorry I didn't post my halfway photos, but I need my hubby's help to take pictures and he is never home when I practice in these days due to his work shifts. I'll try to do next weekend.
    Anyway, I'm following the program every day and I noticed my overall flexibility and alignment have already increased, maybe because this specific plan is helping me to be more focused and concentrated in what I do when I practice. I don't know how much my forward fold and king pidgeon poses will increase at the end of the challenge, but I feel I'm gaining more consciousness in my yoga journey and this is awesome, I’m really happy about it :lol: