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  1. Just got back from vacation and am starting up the challenge! I did Day 1 and Day 5 today, plus a warm-up, so am feeling gloriously stretched. I still haven't picked a pose though!! How did y'all decide?? Should I pick something I enjoy or something that I hate?  :lol:

    I've choosen one pose I hate (forward fold), because it's very unconfortable for me so I know I really need to work on it, and a pose I love, even if it's very challenging for me: king pidgeon :)

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  2. I crushed a an earl grey tea today. It had been so long and I had forgotten just how good they are for breakfast!  :24:

    Yeah, it's so good. My favorite is Earl Grey French Blue of Mariage Frères, a tea I received as a gift, really delicious. I have to order it somewhere!

    Another tea I like for breakfast, even if it's very different,  is Genmaicha, a Japanese tea with toasted rice: its taste is reach and comforting, especially in winter.

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  3. Yep, I do it with coconut oil. I also recently started brushing my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda, and my teeth are so smooth like I just left the dentist after a cleaning. THE BEST. :24:

    Wow! I've just tried brushing my teeth this way and it's great. Oil pulling itself makes smoother teeth, but this homemade toothpaste is fantastic,  :54:

    Is there a specific recipe? I've just mixed a half tsp of coconut oil with about the same quantity of backing soda.

    Tomorrow I'll try oil pulling with coconut oil, the taste is by far better than sesame ;)

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  4. I am all about frozen fruit! I don't tend to use recipes, either. I have a good base on hand (almond milk or regular milk, or Greek yogurt) and then add whatever I've got. I love throwing in spinach/kale/broccoli, too. Don't forget spices - cinnamon and/or turmeric are so good for you, and add lots of pizzazz! 

    I like to add also cayenne or fresh ginger :)

    Here's a Matthew Kenney recipe I love: berries, frozen mango, young coconut meat, oranges juice, pinch of cayenne, pinch of sea salt


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  5. Dusts! I love that idea! 

    What do you think the easiest veggies are to make into chips? We have tried beets and they took so long and just didn't taste that great... any tips?

    Maybe zucchini and pumpkin to start, anyway I think seasoning is the secret: in my oven version (even if almost burned!) beets were delicious, with extravergin olive oil, smoked paprika and some herbs.

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  6. Is anyone rocking a dehydrator in their kitchen? I haven't used ours in a while and need some inspiration.... B)


    When I'll get mine one of the first things I'd like to prepare are vegetable chips, like kale, zucchini, pumpkin, beetroot. At a kitchen course I've seen some "dusts" made with ground dehydratated vegs and used to flavour and colour courses, it sounds interesting! :)

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  7. I love breakfast! I start every morning with lemon juice and lukewarm water (before my yoga session) and then I try to change the meal every morning, here are my favourites: overnight raw porridges, homemade granola with yogurt or non dairy milk, soft boiled eggs, bread with olive oil, ricotta cheese and dukkah or zataar, avocado, pancakes, always a fresh fruit, some nuts and a cup of green tea.

  8. Forward fold is difficult for me too! "Resting" in forward fold isn't relaxing for me at all, it's quite the challenge.

    Yeah, you're right! I was thinking there was definitely something wrong with me! Of course there are many poses I cannot afford at the moment, like armstands, for example, but that one really frustrates me, and it isn't relaxing for sure  ;)

  9. I started to practice yoga for the first time in my life about one year ago and I now I practice daily, even just for ten minutes a day. What is strange for me is that many poses like camel, eagle, mermaid, lizard were quite easy and  pleasant to perform since the beginning of my practice, but there is one that's really difficult to me: forward fold! I’m so uncomfortable there, I feel my hamstrings so stiff and back too curved, I'can't wait to move over. It’s the only pose where I cannot see any improvement, even if I practice every day :(

    What are the poses you really don’t like?