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  1. Hello! Candace I have a video request. I was wondering if you could do another morning meditation and yoga sequence in bed. I really enjoyed these on my 30 day mindful Challenge and would love a new one!
  2. The 30 day mindful Challenge came at just the right time for me, just when I was feeling down thinking that this next step up in my practice wasnt going to ever happen for me. Candace is a remarkable instructor. Yesterday on day 19, I did a completely unassisted forearm stand! Before this challenge, I was certain headstands/handstands were something I would never do. It has been a step process, yesterday I decided I wanted a picture of my progress, so I had my hubby grab a camera, I was ready to give it a go without the wall at all! I did it! 32 yrs. Old and I did , my first ever forearm stand without any help! Not only have I learned this pose from the challenge, I have noticed my strength has increased, and I'm toning up more all around. Once I improve my form on this pose, I will continue to work on headstands/handstands!
  3. I received my gift in the mail today for rating the app, which I love! Thanks Candace! Also, I enjoy the subscription service. I just got it this month and I want to say it's definitely worth the great low price!
  4. O! I received my gift for rating the app today, so awesome. Thanks Candace!  I'm not going to spoil the goodies for anyone. ?


  5. Browsing the forum tonight. Got a new 10' tablet today to make reading the blog, videos, and using the app and my subscription easier! 

  6. Hi All! Reading this from Slippery Rock, PA! Love EVERYTHING on this site, thanks for all your hard work Candace!