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  1. Hey Candace, thanks so much for the latest video on upper-body strength! I realized i have a lot to work on before transitioning into a forearm stand, the dolphin pose and downward dog pushups are insane
  2. Awesome, thank you so much
  3. Hi Candace, thank you so much for your videos and for this opportunity to directly ask you a question. I've been working on transitioning from a headstand to a forearm stand and it just seems impossible to me. I do ab workouts as well as shoulder press with weights at the gym to build my upper body and core strength. When doing the headstand I try and put most of my weight on my arms and try and lift the head off the floor, however, i just can't transition into a full forearm stand. Could you please recommend some exercises i could do to improve my upper body strength and maybe some general tips on how to tackle this transition. Thank you again, all the best! <3