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  1. That is the video I have been watching repeatedly. One day I will get it. #determined
  2. thanks everyone. Going to look at the video for sure and I did consider some private sessions. Again, thanks for the wonderful input.
  3. That makes me feel better. I will keep trying. My back is kinda sore after doing it for two days. Hope this is just because I am doing something new. I try to focus on form as much as possible.
  4. Thank you Larry. I exercise often with weights and I enjoy running so I thought this would come easier. I will do as you say and just be patient and start off with the easier things.
  5. I am just hoping that when my core gets stronger it will get better. I really enjoy doing yoga but it can be overwhelming. I can't imagine being able to do some of these moves, ever. I did a 40 minute beginning video today so I guess I will just slowly build up to other levels. I want to be good tomorrow. I know this requires patience. Thanks for all of the input.
  6. I watched a you tube video it's just going from DFD to stepping to front of the mat. I just get frustrated because that looks like a basic move and I can't even do that. I will keep trying. Thank you for the input.
  7. I have a question. I have only done yoga once, but when I am in the downward facing dog position I can't seem to bring my foot to the front of the mat. I believe my form for DFD is correct. Does this just come in time or should I be able to do this? It does not look hard but I can only get my foot to the center.