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  1. I had bought a super cheap one on Amazon when I first started. Called a ZoN mat. It worked really well for me as a newbie until I was sure I was going to continue my practice and invest in a better mat. I think it was around $10-15 . *edit* I just checked Amazon, apparently it went up a bit. About $19.
  2. I've been doing P90X and it seems to help. I like how it changes things up every day, and sometimes I'll swap out a workout for a Power yoga practice. I've noticed some poses, like hand balances, have gotten a lot easier. But the downside is is the P90X videos are kind of long...but you can do them at home (only really need a couple weights and an over-the-door pull up bar), so you save the money of not going to the gym.
  3. Hey Holly! Welcome to the forum! I'm right there with you on the "nurse by day, hippie yogi by night"! Lol. I need some scrubs that say that! I've never heard of Baptiste yoga. I'll have to check that out! I still consider myself as a newbie (been practicing only since February of this year) so I've just barely got my head in the door about all the different practices out there!
  4. I know this is an old discussion....but....Since we don't have a challenge for October 2015, I decided to do the Heart Opening/Backbend challenge this month! I just got a Limitless Wheel, which is ahhhh-mazing (as Candace would say ) with helping me in backbends and chest opening. (Like seriously, I'm really happy I bought that thing!) I really want to work on my Wheel pose, but I can't even get up yet into it...I think it's mostly due to my shoulders being tight, not necessarily my back/chest.. So, I decided I'll work on Pigeon Pose, because I freaking love it for some reason .
  5. Welcome to the group & congrats on getting started!
  6. I usually only do a video at a time, unless I'm just feeling extra perky that day . Sometimes I'll just pick and choose random videos that fit how I'm feeling that day, but I've found following along with one of Candace's challenges, like the recent Mindful challenge, really helped me keep diversity in my practice and make me practice outside my comfort zone. If I pick the videos myself, I pick a practice I like without poses I don't care for. When I follow along her suggestions, I'm trying different things I might not have tried (and am sometime pleasantly surprised at what I'm able to do that I didn't think I could; like Baby Grasshopper!)
  7. Welcome to the group! I started yoga about 8 months ago to help me with my anxiety disorder. It's amazing the difference it's made! I also started practicing more regularly since finding YBC! Candace is awesome & has a bunch of resources for newbies like us!
  8. Welcome to the group! I consider myself a newbie too, and everyone here is super helpful!
  9. I had the same experience popping up into Baby Grasshopper! Last time I tried was a month or so ago, during a YBC video, and I wasn't even close. Practiced wih the same video a month later, and got right up! I was so excited that I ended up falling out of it pretty quick! lol. There's a few others that I find I am able to get into much easier and can get into good form without trying as hard. I love seeing progress!
  10. Hey Candace! I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the Slow Flow Power yoga videos! I find it hard to keep up with power yoga most of the time, so the slowed down versions are awesome! I feel like I get a chance to sink into the pose and correct my alignment before moving on. Definitely would love it if you made some more!
  11. Not sure if it's a common thing or just my experience, but opening the hips and lengthening the hamstrings seem to be the hardest and longest process! I'm with you there!
  12. I've seen a bunch of different yoga wheels on IG, like the Dharma Yoga Wheel and the Limitless Yoga Wheel, and was wondering if anyone has one. How do you like it? Do you use it a lot? I just purchased a Limitless Wheel (much cheaper than any of the other ones I've seen!) and I'm excited to start incorporating them into my practice. I figure it'll help me when I'm working on backbends and maybe forearm stands....
  13. :)
  14. I love the IG yoga community! I see some awesome poses, usually coupled with inspiration messages. It's a motivation and inspiration for me. I share mine, not often but if I finally find my way into a pose I've been working on.
  15. So I just wanted to check in and say I am very proud of myself this month. Every other challenge I was so excited, did the first few days, then tapered off, forgot all about it, and did other practices. This month, I've stayed on track, been practicing between 3-6 days a week, and look forward to the changes I see in my chosen pose (baby grasshopper)! Seriously, thanks again Candace for the blog and videos, and to the members here to keep me motivated! Ya'll rock!