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  1. Thank you Anahata very much. I will definitely try these. Well my goal was to touch the ground with straight legs without feeling any tension. But more than that generally be more flexible and psychically relaxed. I had encephalitis 10 years ago and yoga really helped me a lot. For the digestion I read some articles about parasites and I am taking anti-parasites herbs together with good probiotics from my docs what seems to help a lot. Our doctors are not always able to find parasites but I think all of us have some in our bodies. Thank you so much for your support it keeps me not giving up :)
  2. Wow you are going through a lot in your life right now. It may sound stupid especially now but I believe that life is full of lessons for our development and things happen for a reason...maybe someday you will see some reasons behind all these crazy things happening right now...I am sending you a lot of strength. I agree with Hildegard that it is important not to add any other stress and for me it really helps to do everything just because of the feeling during the activity (running, yoga) and focus just on the flow not on the results. Also Osho dynamic meditation could help or the five rhythms dance...just to let go and have some time for yourself. Wish everything gets better soon. You will be a mommy that's the most precious gift
  3. Hi thank you both very much. I feel some progress but more with other poses like down dog. I thought you're not supposed to have flat back in forward fold but from your answer yogafire I understand I was wrong ... It's quite hard to keep the practice with the digestion problems that can sometimes cause fatigue for the whole day. But the feelings after the practice and your support are wort it.
  4. Hi so it's my day 19 and I am reporting the progress. My most favorite video so far is this one. http://yogabycandace.com/blog/athletic-morning-yoga-video
  5. Preheat oven to 400°. Line a baking sheet. Slice sweet potato into 1/4" an inch slices.Coat both sides of sweet potato with oil and lightly sprinkle with salt. Cook for 30 minutes (Flip after 20 minutes) set oven to broil and continue to cook for one minute on each side, until toasty. Top with quaccamole. I make it by smashing avocado with juice from one lime. Oné boiled egg, chilli pepper, salt, pepper.
  6. Sweet potatoes with guaccamole
  7. Hi my tops are from M&S - Earl Grey, Kenyan with coconut milk. Lately I discovered white tea with pomegranate, yummy.
  8. Hi Candance how did you like it in Czech Republic? Have you been to Prague or other places here?
  9. Hi just wanted to share with you great autumn Paleo food I made. Bake the Hokkaido for 20 minutes than add the meatballs and bake another 20 minutes together. The meatballs are from minced beef with mustard,sesame seeds, salt, pepper and sweet pepper.
  10. Great thank you
  11. hi I don't have yoga blocks yet. Can I use e.g. books instead? Thank you
  12. Hi I am starting the flexibility challange today. I am not flexible at all unfortunatelly I have been fighting with indigestion for a few months now what stopped all physical activities for me. Now I am on Paleo diet so hope these to things will help me to feel the life again ? My position is the forward fold