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  1. Hello to all! I'm new to the forums, but I have followed YBC for a little over a year. (Thank you Candace for inspiring me to practice more regularly! ) To the heart of things. For many years, I have had a poor relationship with food, and have struggled to find balance in my eating habits and mindset. Although I have determined why I have this issue, I have not been able to figure out ways to go about changing it. Following mass-media was part of what got me into this mess, so I thought I would ask a group of people who might be more in tune with their bodies and minds to get back out! At this point, I am eating foods that fuel and nourish my body (no processed stuff, wheat, added sugar,etc.), but also satisfy my taste buds. I do not skip meals and have good proportions of carbs, fat, and proteins. So. What are your best tips/advice/opinions for establishing a more balanced, mindful way of approaching food? What works for you? Thanks ahead of time!