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    Crystals ~ crystal healer by nature. <3
    Reiki ~ my lifesaver when I'm in pain, in need of peace, or stuck in traffic!
    Hiking ~ in the woods, on the bluffs, and around the lakes of Wisconsin.
    Trees ~ especially ones that look like they have portals or doors on them!
    Mushrooms ~ the kind in the woods and in the grocery store.
    Birds ~ my fiancé has the camera, I have the binoculars. ;)
    Sustainable Living! :)
    Healthy and conscious cooking and eating ~ includes lots of sneaking veggies in my fiancé's diet!
    Home remedies ~ they seem to work magically!
    Guided meditations ~ they are lovely. <3
    Journeys ~ basically a meditation that guides itself!
    Mala making ~ with intention, love, Reiki, and lots of crystals!
    Kitties ~ cat mom to Momma and Luigi. <3
    Yoga Philosophy ~ can't get enough of it!
    All things India :)
  1. I was just offered an opportunity to teach Snowshoe Yoga this winter. The only thing is, I've never taught Snowshoe Yoga, nor have I ever taken a Snowshoe Yoga class! My dear friend and teacher used to teach the class, but is no longer able to due to her schedule. She said she would just make up the classes, but she is very good at making up classes. It takes me lots of preparation to put a class together! On one hand, I'm not even sure if I'm suited to teach a Snowshoe Yoga class. On the other hand, it pays well and I'm a firm believer in taking opportunities as I believe Spirit presents them to me to show me the way on my path. I guess I just have some "Can I really do this?" apprehension surfacing. So, that is the back story to this question: Do you have any suggestions for teaching Snowshoe Yoga? Any sequencing, pranayama, or theme ideas? Any advice is welcome. Thanks so much!
  2. I like foam and cork blocks, both for different reasons. I like foam blocks to rest my head on in forward folds and Child's Pose (and I use them as landing gear for my head in Crow in case I fall forward!) because they are nice and soft. I like cork blocks because they are solid and stable, so they are nice for Half Moon and other balancing poses. I also use them under my shoulders in Chaturanga Dandasana for correct alignment. I also like that cork blocks are heavy, because I can use them for strengthening as well. I am not a fan of wooden blocks because they are very slippery on wood floors, and I happen to have wood floors (lots of studios do!). Also, wooden blocks are a little too hard for me... Foam blocks are very soft, and cork blocks are pretty hard, but wooden blocks are SUPER hard! Hope my opinion helps!
  3. You can never go wrong with Om! Even if you choose another mantra to meditate on for your Japa Mala, I think it is lovely to sort of "activate" your mala by having Om be the first mantra you chant with it (all 108 times). Om encompasses the entire Universe, and when you chant Om you acknowledge that you are not just a drop in the ocean, but you have that entire Divine ocean within you. You are acknowledging that you are already complete in yourself, already in unity with all that is, and that any thoughts or beliefs contradicting that are simply illusion/maya. I would ask yourself, "What is my intention?" My intention is to connect with the truth that is in my heart, which is divine bliss, love, and unity. Some people have intentions of intelligence, abundance, peace, service, etc. etc. Also another helpful thing for me was to start listening to Kirtan (I suggest Krishna Das, Ragani, and Bhagavan Das). Kirtan has helped me with pronunciation, and has also helped me discover which mantras feel best in my heart energetically. Here are some wonderful mantras that you could explore: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~ Om Peace Peace Peace Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom. Sat Nam ~ The True Name, or I am Truth, or The name of God is Truth So Hum ~ I am that. Also that Universal sound of breath. So is the inhalation, and Hum is the exhalation. Hari Om ~ All that is. It is a heart opener that removes obstacles and awakens Prana. Om Namah Shivaya ~ I bow to Shiva, or I bow to my true self. Om Mane Padme Hum ~ The Jewel of the Lotus Heart Here is also a list of chants from Deepak Chopra for manifestation: Good luck and many blessings on your journey! <3 Ashley