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  1. One of my friend has migraine problem. Migraines is unbearable headache, it can be for short while or for long time, the cause of it is still unknown. The worst thing about it is that migraines can occur any time. However, yoga and meditations can helps a lot and of course, a proper diet is essential in order to avoid this migraine pain.
  2. Studies shows that making time for exercise provide some serious mental benefits. Such as reduce stress, improve self confidence, boost brain power,sharpen memory, help control addiction , increase relaxation . There are many more benefits of exercise. I used to do some physical exercise along with yoga.
  3. According to some research Breakfast must be heavier than lunch and dinner. Breakfast should be healthy it must not include butter,pasta,bread , etc. A healthy and heavy breakfast makes people feel energetic all day long, It is found in studies those who do not take breakfast , There immune system becomes weak in comparison to those who take breakfast. Every person who want to be healthy must include healthy foods and fruits in their breakfast . My morning starts with a glass of noni juice and then in my breakfast, I include a bowl of milk with cornflakes in it and two boiled eggs.
  4. It's near about a month when I started to meditate and I am surprised to see the differences in me. Meditation helps us to understand our own mind. It transform our mind from negative to positive, from unhappy to happy , It also helps to overcome from stress and day to day our lives become peaceful and calm . I used to meditate everyday for fifteen minutes in the early morning.
  5. Hi, myself Mantis Hugo from India, I love chatting and making new friends my hobbies are listening to music,watching movies, cooking.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. I consume lots of carbs in my diet and I will try to control it. Special thanks to Larry for his detailed advice. It's very hard for me to abstain from those meals as pasta, rice, sugar and bread are my favorites.
  7. Hello everyone, I have been looking forward to knowing the best yoga practice for losing weight. I weigh 78KG and I want to lose it within a month. Can anybody suggest me any yoga which help me shed at least 5 KG in one month? Thanks in advance.