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  1. This is super interesting! I see your logic KristiSmithYoga, and it's actually really relevant to my progress - over the past month or so I have been incorporating a lot more back-work into my practice (Camel, Wheel pose, etc) and it's only since developing in this area that I have been able to reliably hold myself up in tripod, which is super great yaay!! I definitely think it has something to do with strengthening my back, and, to be honest, I would love to think that I should be focusing on back-work at the gym. I love rowing, pull ups, etc but abhor leg work and cardio (other than rowing! haha), so this works out perfectly fine for me ;-). I adore the fact that, despite being super new to yoga, I can feel my body getting stronger and more mobile, despite spending less time at the gym and more time on the mat. I think at this point my back is my weakest point, and bringing my back flexibility and strength up to a proportionate level compared to the rest of my body would be really helpful! Also, thanks for the additional blog links guys, by golly Jenni Rawlings definitely does go into this in detail - I have some studying to do!
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had some good gym exercises to supplement your progress in a given pose. I am currently working on the Tripod Headstand, Dancers Pose and a complete Forward Fold, and was wondering whether incorporating some gym stuff such as Kettlebell Swings (for tripod) and straight leg Deadlifts (forward fold) would be helpful? Or am I missing something? I know that within the fitness community it can sometimes be seen as a duality (its hard to be flexible when doing strength training, etc), so I just wanted to get a second opinion before going to crazy at the gym. Thanks! PS - sorry if this is the wrong forum, wasn't sure if this should go in the Newbie section or the general one!