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  1. I'd love a longer morning sequence too please!
  2. I totally agree with angieeatspeace. I try to batch cook on a Sunday afternoon and then freeze portions (stews, casseroles etc).and then for the most part during the week, I just grab something from the freezer the night before and then just do rice and veg. I particularly like turkey chilli with sweet potato and kale as that just needs sautéed veg with it so only takes 5 mins! Stir frys are good too and I also like tray bakes (virtually no washing up!). I do chicken stuffed with grated courgette, sun dried tomatoes and a little cheddar, baked with peppers, courgette, onion etc. last night I did a tray bake with cod wrapped in a slice of Parma ham with some breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan and parsley on top. I'm planning to get a slow cooker this winter so would love any tips and recipes if you have any.
  3. I agree, Benefit They're Real is the best mascara I have used!
  4. Earlier in the year I read Life after Life by Kate Atkinson and I loved it. It explores the idea that identity isn't fixed and that destiny isn't certain and I liked the way the characters had second chances. It was a book that stayed with me for ages, I'm currently reading Americanah and hoping it turns out to be as good!
  5. Hi Candace! I'm Sarah and I live in Leeds in the north of England .