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  1. All very good advice, thank you! I'm probably most comfortable with dropping the "my wife" hints. There's been a new twist lately though, she suddenly went a little distant and stand-off-ish. Not unfriendly but no more special attention. Either she got just enough response from me to satisfy herself she could get my attention, or she got frustrated because i wasn't responding enough. Who knows, i'm into being ok with ambivalence these days. Definitely this. We tend to think of men having the power play advantage. But as she is a yoga teacher, i'm guessing she's even more aware of her, eh, feminine powers, for lack of a better phrase. That whole "kundalini/shakti" thing. Your mind goes off into wondering if she is just genuinely attracted, which is ok with me, or is she just playing with me (not so ok with this, especially since i have a family.)? I do suppose that's part of the reason this sort of thing is not supposed to occur between teachers and students. Thanks for the feedback, yogis.
  2. I am a guy and i practice yoga regularly. One of my teachers spent a few months openly flirting with me. This is not one of those situations where i'm reading too much into an assist or something. She did some things outside of class and in class that were obvious attempts to get my attention. Lots of touching, comments, etc. I don't know if she really liked me or was just having a good time, "toying" with me, whatever. I am married with a family. I do get a little bit of attention from other girls in class sometimes, but not typically the teachers, who are all very professional. I love this teacher and don't want to stop going to her class, and quite frankly i was incredibly flattered by the attention. I have great respect for her (and she happens to be gorgeous). I guess I'm cool with it and frankly rather enjoyed it, although i will say it was incredibly distracting, and more importantly my wife would not approve. My questions are: how common is this, female teachers flirt with their male students? Honestly, if there is an attractive guy in your class, do you approach/assist him differently? are you ever tempted to flirt? And how should i handle it without hurting her feelings or making it weird? Typically you only hear about it when it is the other way around, male teacher/female students. I'm honestly not sure how to handle it, as i don't want to stop going to her class, nor do i want to make things awkward. I have no desire to be confrontational about it, such as complaining to the studio or something.