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  1. Thanks, that's so kind!
  2. Thanks Larry - I was indeed referring to firelog and really appreciate getting the name. Now I may, apart from the linked discussion, search onward for more tips on how to do it best and avoid ankle/knee pain.
  3. Dear Candace, I am a huge fan of your yoga videos and practise with them several times a week. I have problems with a pose, which I otherwise find extremely helpful for increasing hip flexibility, in the "30 Minute Restorative Yoga Video for Hip Flexibility". It is the pose where the shin of e.g. left leg is to be paralel to the short edge of the mat, the ankle of the right leg placed on the left knee and the knee of right leg, in best case, stacked on left ankle so that the legs form a triangle. And then there's a forward lean. If I place the soft part of my ankle on the opposite knee, the ankle hurts. If I place the hard part of the ankle on the knee, the knee hurts. Any tips on how to place ankle correctly, or what to use in order for the pose to work better? Many thanks for everything! /Erika