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  1. I bought the Manduka Pro recently but it was really slippery. This is especially the case once I started sweating just a little bit, and it was impossible to hold poses like downward dog without having my palms slide forward. I did the salt scrub and left it out to air dry. In my next yoga class, I was sliding again. This time, when I did the wheel, I almost slipped and fell out of the pose. This was extremely dangerous as I could have injured myself. I came back and did the salt scrub again, this time with a little bit more water. I also added some liquid soap, which I read about in some forums and it worked for them. I used a Scotch scour pad to scrub the mat. This time I noticed that bits of the mat had come off (black bits), which I discovered to my horror, since nowhere have I read that the mat can disintegrate so easily. On top of that, my mat has not dried. It's been one full day since I did the second scrub down and it is still damp (I left it out to dry in the sun, and then after that, air drying it overnight). It's even more slippery than ever before, almost like a slide. It is impossible to use as a mat. I plan to dry it out in the sun all day tomorrow, but if this doesn't work I am really at my wit's end on what to do. (Probably resort to another mat...)