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  1. @brenskip55 Yes! Somehow I knew you would understand...:)!
  2. ...ever think about how much you love yoga, how much it has changed your life, how much your practice has progressed, etc. and literally just want to break down in tears? I've been having a lot of these moments lately and want to give back to this amazing thing and help others experience it, but sometimes it just is so overwhelming I can't do anything but sob! Hope I'm not insane...;)
  3. I tried a bit of Tantra Yoga for the first time in class tonight, and I have never felt more connected in body, mind, and spirit. I am really interested in some resources to continue to incorporate this into my daily practice. Most that I have found is Western culture's incorrect judgment that it is uninhibited sexual activity. I'm looking for articles for education and routines. Thanks so much!
  4. @YogaByCandace I will absolutely do this!! Thanks so much for the help, I got a stability ball tonight to start!
  5. @YogaNoob I practice every day for usually an hour. Some days it is restorative, but mostly I open with some sun salutations (sometimes a modification of the primary series in Ashtanga Yoga if I'm feeling rather energetic) and the practice arm balances and inversions. I also play around with sequencing for classes. It really depends on what my body wants
  6. @brenskip55 Yes!! I totally overlooked it until YTT when we were doing asana breakdowns and stayed in it for around ten minutes, lol! It has totally changed my sun salutations!
  7. @canarie Do not be so hard on yourself! You are SO brave to even attempt something like that. The way that courageous people learn lessons is by trial and error, and sometimes they have to learn them over and over. I understand why you have neglected yoga. This was probably a VERY traumatic experience for you and I can see how practicing might trigger the same anxiety you experienced abroad. Modern yoga is amazing, but it can also be very deceiving. I see it every day on social media...the practices that look so effortless and make you feel that it is easy, which = injuries. I myself have fallen for it, you are nowhere near the only one. If you need to take a break from yoga, I totally get it and I think you should give yourself that space. But asana is only one limb of yoga. You can still practice the yamas, niyamas, pranayama, etc. until you feel ready to ease yourself back onto the mat. Only you know your journey <3
  8. This is a wonderful choice to start with!! Bad habits are so easy to develop in forward folds. Think, chest first!! Spine is long and shoulders back. Ankles, knees, and hips in one line You are going to do great!
  9. Okay so here are my thoughts: YTT should be taken under an instructor you have experienced first hand and know that you mesh with their teaching style, and with a studio that reflects your yogic philosophy. I have a hard time understanding how people can go into teacher trainings totally blind of the philosophy it is built on...not saying that's what you did!! I see it a lot in general's such a huge undertaking and can really change your entire life. I would not write off teacher training forever. Try out different studios in your area that you think have a more modern philosophy of yoga and take YTT with the teacher/studio that you identify with most. You are right, it is way too much money to not get a beneficial experience! I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying that destination/intensive teacher trainings don't seem like a good idea. I just couldn't imagine how overwhelming that could be! But maybe I'm a wimp
  10. Ugh...seconding Navasana! My core struggles so much lol!
  11. My ego is very un-yogic!!
  12. @YogaNoob I would say to practice a minimum of 2x a week to truly experience the benefits of yoga. I practice daily, and this may sounds sort of abstract to you right now but you will learn as awareness increases: do what FEELS good. Your body might need different things at different times but it is really good at asking for what it wants if you listen. Good luck!! Ask as many questions as you need!
  13. Take it day to day! You wake up with a different body every morning, so look inside and ask what your body is looking for. Traditionally speaking, Ashtangis do not typically practice other forms of yoga but you make what you want out of yoga! I warm up with the primary series frequently. It's a wonderful full body warm up before I work on arm balances and inversions. You do you!
  14. I would second happy baby with straight legs! Even a seated wide legged forward fold if they aren't ready to invert
  15. Trying it for the first time on Saturday! I'll let you know I was really nervous but I saw a board and they are a lot wider than I thought, so I'm pretty excited now!