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  1. ...ever think about how much you love yoga, how much it has changed your life, how much your practice has progressed, etc. and literally just want to break down in tears? I've been having a lot of these moments lately and want to give back to this amazing thing and help others experience it, but sometimes it just is so overwhelming I can't do anything but sob! Hope I'm not insane...;)
  2. @brenskip55 Yes! Somehow I knew you would understand...:)!
  3. I tried a bit of Tantra Yoga for the first time in class tonight, and I have never felt more connected in body, mind, and spirit. I am really interested in some resources to continue to incorporate this into my daily practice. Most that I have found is Western culture's incorrect judgment that it is uninhibited sexual activity. I'm looking for articles for education and routines. Thanks so much!
  4. I haven't posted about this in the past so I'll need to give a little bit of background first, which might make this post a little lengthy. You have been warned! I have been inconsistently practicing yoga for the last five years. As of last July 2015, I found an amazing home studio and have had a 5x-7x/week practice that has progressed in a way that amazes me and even moves me to tears when I really think about it. I have NEVER been able to commit to anything. I get really passionate/obsessive about things for a few months, master them, and then find something else to latch onto. The fact that I have consistently been practicing yoga for seven months is nothing short of a miracle. I think it's the constant ability to reach for something greater that has made me stick to it. Obviously, the complete and total spiritual transformation that occurs is relevant, but that almost goes without saying. Like any other totally obsessed yogi, I started teacher training. It started in January, since then over the last three months I have sustained four major injuries. 1: Broken 4th toe on left foot: as far as I can tell, it started off as a jam from rolling over toes during up dog to down dog transition and not stopping caused a break. It is still purple and freaky looking, but not painful. Upon reading that there is not much that can be done, no doctor visit. Ceased practice no longer than a few days, then back to full practice. 2: Intercostal muscle strain in left rib: one day I decided I wanted to work on balancing my left side with my right (flexi-er side) and totally underestimated the imbalance, went too far in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. As soon as it hurt, I backed off. Thought I would be okay, but the next morning I woke up in serious pain. Upon reading that there is not much that can be done, no doctor visit. Ceased asanas that caused pain in that area, but no formal stop to practice. I did wear an abdominal brace for compression. Back to full practice after a few days. No pain in this region anymore. 3: Intercostal muscle strain in right rib: rookie mistake. Went too far in King Dancer. Woke up in serious right side pain. Since it had happened to the left side previously, I knew exactly what it was. Same as last time, avoided twisting asanas on that side, no formal stop to practice. Wore brace again. Right side had not ceased hurting to this day, but another rib injury would be coming before this could have a chance to heal... 4: Undiagnosed rib bone pop: this brings me to yesterday morning. I was warming up with Urdhva Dhanurasana on the wall, halfway down I heard a pop in my right rib and the wind was knocked out of me. I felt like I had been kicked by a horse. Pain has been UNBEARABLE the last 36 hours, wearing a brace and ice packs, taking ibuprofen every 6 hrs. Hurts to take deep breaths, lift right arm above head, and weight bearing movements, twisting, even turning the steering wheel too quickly/forcefully. I was supposed to teach my first class last night, but my teacher would not allow me due to my injury. Before you say, "HVLKJALJREJGL YOU SUCK GO TO A DR INSTEAD OF ASKING RANDOS ABOUT YOUR OBVIOUSLY SERIOUS PROBLEMS U DUMBY!" you should know that I am really obsessive about going to the doctor, I do it for every single thing, afraid that I am dying. LOL! I have asked friends that are ER doctors, PTs, and PAs, and they all say it is pointless to pay for x-rays because ribs cannot be reset. However, this is my THIRD rib injury in a month and I am wondering if the initial injury not being addressed by a doctor is the problem. Or...Osteoperosis runs in my family, are my bones weak? It is worth noting that I have an incredible flexi/twisty spine and something like this is really confusing for me. King Pig, Wheel, Dancer have always been very easy...not sure why this has been happening. You all may have no suggestions or answers, but I just really wanted to put this out there for other yogis to offer their two cents. Other exercises I can do w/this injury would also be appreciated (if it is advised to even do any) as I would really hate to lose progress in strength, flexibility, and conditioning during this potentially lengthy healing process. Thanks so much to those who stuck with this! Namaste.
  5. @YogaByCandace I will absolutely do this!! Thanks so much for the help, I got a stability ball tonight to start!
  6. @YogaNoob I practice every day for usually an hour. Some days it is restorative, but mostly I open with some sun salutations (sometimes a modification of the primary series in Ashtanga Yoga if I'm feeling rather energetic) and the practice arm balances and inversions. I also play around with sequencing for classes. It really depends on what my body wants
  7. @brenskip55 Yes!! I totally overlooked it until YTT when we were doing asana breakdowns and stayed in it for around ten minutes, lol! It has totally changed my sun salutations!
  8. @canarie Do not be so hard on yourself! You are SO brave to even attempt something like that. The way that courageous people learn lessons is by trial and error, and sometimes they have to learn them over and over. I understand why you have neglected yoga. This was probably a VERY traumatic experience for you and I can see how practicing might trigger the same anxiety you experienced abroad. Modern yoga is amazing, but it can also be very deceiving. I see it every day on social media...the practices that look so effortless and make you feel that it is easy, which = injuries. I myself have fallen for it, you are nowhere near the only one. If you need to take a break from yoga, I totally get it and I think you should give yourself that space. But asana is only one limb of yoga. You can still practice the yamas, niyamas, pranayama, etc. until you feel ready to ease yourself back onto the mat. Only you know your journey <3
  9. This is a wonderful choice to start with!! Bad habits are so easy to develop in forward folds. Think, chest first!! Spine is long and shoulders back. Ankles, knees, and hips in one line You are going to do great!
  10. Okay so here are my thoughts: YTT should be taken under an instructor you have experienced first hand and know that you mesh with their teaching style, and with a studio that reflects your yogic philosophy. I have a hard time understanding how people can go into teacher trainings totally blind of the philosophy it is built on...not saying that's what you did!! I see it a lot in general's such a huge undertaking and can really change your entire life. I would not write off teacher training forever. Try out different studios in your area that you think have a more modern philosophy of yoga and take YTT with the teacher/studio that you identify with most. You are right, it is way too much money to not get a beneficial experience! I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying that destination/intensive teacher trainings don't seem like a good idea. I just couldn't imagine how overwhelming that could be! But maybe I'm a wimp
  11. Ugh...seconding Navasana! My core struggles so much lol!
  12. My ego is very un-yogic!!
  13. @YogaNoob I would say to practice a minimum of 2x a week to truly experience the benefits of yoga. I practice daily, and this may sounds sort of abstract to you right now but you will learn as awareness increases: do what FEELS good. Your body might need different things at different times but it is really good at asking for what it wants if you listen. Good luck!! Ask as many questions as you need!
  14. Take it day to day! You wake up with a different body every morning, so look inside and ask what your body is looking for. Traditionally speaking, Ashtangis do not typically practice other forms of yoga but you make what you want out of yoga! I warm up with the primary series frequently. It's a wonderful full body warm up before I work on arm balances and inversions. You do you!
  15. I would second happy baby with straight legs! Even a seated wide legged forward fold if they aren't ready to invert
  16. Trying it for the first time on Saturday! I'll let you know I was really nervous but I saw a board and they are a lot wider than I thought, so I'm pretty excited now!
  17. Second inversions! Right now I'm working on scorpion in Pincha so that is my jam right now!! Other than that, I really like Ardha Uttanasana. Random I know! It just feels so great to have my spine and hammies so straight and spread
  18. @YogaByCandace thank you for your response! I ended up taking 9 days off of not just asana, but any physical exercise. I focused on Pranayama and meditation and after I felt ready, I moved with caution. You never know how good Downward Dog feels after not doing it for over a week, LOL! I will work more on core exercises, possibly doing something outside of yoga? I've always relied on yoga to give me a full body workout experience but maybe it isn't enough. I know you added strength training to your regimen, what do you think in this case?
  19. @Anahata thank you SO much for that video, it was really informative and really relatable. In YTT we leaned that Tadasana is in EVERY pose, so legs, belly, etc. should almost always be engaged and I think I got sloppy with it. It's funny...I've NEVER been naturally flexible and have always built muscle really quickly so maybe that's why I'm not paying much attention to strength building. Thanks so much for your help!
  20. @yogafire I think something in my subconscious switched when I started YTT. I think I put pressure on myself to be this super-yogi and be better than everyone else in the YTT group. SO un-yogic, I know... I am calling a osteopath today to see if they take insurance, I have also been having a lot of issues with sleep and anxiety. <3 Trying to stay positive!!
  21. @Anahata Me thinks you are right ;). I have such a hard time slowing down and allowing myself to rest. I think I just needed to hear that it is okay. That I'm not lazy. That yogis can take time off. <3
  22. Yes! Second everything @brenskip55 mentioned. You can always go to beginner OR intermediate classes at your studio or in your home practice and modify wherever you need to. I too was in the awkward spot and I specifically remember one time the teacher cued Pincha Mayurasana which was so NOT in my practice at that point so I did a headstand instead! Your practice is YOUR time so do what you need to do. It sounds like you are already very in-tune with knowing when you are ready to add new postures to your handbook so keep on keepin on!
  23. Everyone has made GREAT comments! I would like to add that your wrist has lots of very tiny ligaments and tendons, so always be very very careful. I would highly recommend gentle wrist stretches before you begin. Also, a great wrist strengthener is to start in regular plank, and lift your hips up into downward dog. Then, flow back to plank and keep going back and forth until you can't go anymore! Do that every day, and you will hopefully see some strengthening in those wrists! I used to not even be able to hold DFD for 5-6 breaths and after about 7 months I have a pretty hefty arm balance and inversion practice. You will get there!! Namaste!
  24. Sanskrit is SUCH a beautiful language! It is sometimes complex, but can be broken down to about 20 KEY terms and you sort of learn from there. In yoga, poses are often named after animals so learn animal names. The direction you face is often included, so learn directional words. Body parts are also commonly mentioned in poses, so learn the basic ones there. Once you get that foundation, it will begin to make sense! Asanas are broken down in Sanskrit literally most of the time (ex. handstand: Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Downward Facing Tree. Adho-Mukha = "facing downwards" Vrksasana = "tree" I hope that makes sense!
  25. So, I'm in week 4 of my 12 week teacher training. My first class is on April 18!!!! I am so nervous, and I feel so unprepared. I expected my teaching voice to come naturally, I consider myself an advanced yoga practitioner and I thought that would translate to being a great teacher...but boy does it not. Students do not care if I can do scorpion, handstand, or grasshopper. They only want me to lead them through an hour of yoga. This is probably such a duh thing for most people, but I truly didn't think I would have such a hard time finding my teaching voice. Definitely a very humbling experience and an ego check. I'm really struggling with what to say during the silent parts, like when they are resting in down dog for 5 breaths. It just goes silent and is so awkward, my mind goes blank and I can't remember ANY cues. I would so appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer, I'm really losing sleep over this. :/