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    Yoga, meditation, hangs with family, wine, making mala beads, laughs and good company,

    You can see my malas at if you're interested in that - I also have a blog which has everything you need to know about what they are and how to use them
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  1. Love love love this!
  2. Oh wow @yogafire it looks absolutely stunning on you - it was clearly meant to be! I am so happy that I could create your dream mala for you, it was an absolute pleasure! @msinkblot your mala looks great too - obsidian with onyx or some kind of jasper with a larger lava rock at the end? Love it!! I agree with @yogafire the red does make it pop. Lots of love to you all xxx @yogafireI have a couple of shots I took of yours which I will add to it soon! xxx
  3. A mantra must come from the heart for it to be effective, it has to be something meaningful to you weather in Sanskrit or one you make up yourself - as long as it comes from a place of sincerity and devotion you can use it effectively for your practice!
  4. Hi! Yay - you got to love your mala This should help also - Our malas come with all of this info included, there is heaps of info on our site and blog if you have any other questions - I think we have everything convered! And if not contact me, your question might turn into a great blog! Namaste Sarah
  5. The Manduka mats seem to be very popular! My least favourite has to be one I bought from K-Mart in my early days. I kindly donated that to my son :))) haha My favourite one is my Asana mat, but I have been lately checking out the vagabond ones (a bit drool worthy I must say!)
  6. Hi my name is Sarah Personally I love Thic Nhat Hanh he has a few books but you will be in for a big read!
  7. I love Teeki too and I recently bought some liquido shorts at a wanderlust festival and OMG you could not get them off me, so comfy! They were sad days when they had to go in the wash *cry*
  8. Buying and choosing a mala is a very personal choice and with so much choice these days it can be definitely tricky knowing how to choose (and what to look out for!)
  9. Hi Everyone!

    I'm so happy to be here and I cant wait to meet you all and chat :)

    Namaste to you

    Sarah xo