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  1. Hi, I started yoga because of my health problems (anxiety) and at first I used it mainly to learn how to breath correctly, but eventually I stayed with it. Many men have not got a correct information about it. They think yoga (especially in my surroundings) is some girly activity similar to aerobic or zumba. They like lifting weights because they think it is an only way to become stronger. I asked my friend and former teammate ( I play basketball) to attend some yoga class and his reply was the same: yoga is for women. So I went there alone and I was surprised that the day after the class I was more sore than after crossfit practice. For me personally, yoga is very similar to calisthenics, in both of these activities I can manipulate with my body ( if I need more strength I can add some push ups but in many videos of Candace I do not need to add them ), but yoga has far more benefits than just looking good and being in shape. It is the misinformation and the ego of many men that dont let them at least try yoga.
  2. I am thinking about blending yoga with calisthenics. I have recently put on about 5 kilos (10 pounds I think) and I worked out in the gym and did calisthenics, but now I feel that lifting weights in the gym is not something I would love to do, so I am trying different ways. I prefer doing bodyweight exercises, or I could add some crossfit, which is more interesting for me than just lifting weights.
  3. Despite this, I will at least try your 31 strength project in the offseason. :)
  4. Ok, thank you very much for the information. I appreciate that.
  5. Hi Candace, I would like to ask if yoga could serve as a main training for gaining or at least maintaining strength for basketball players? In order to gain strength, players apart from basketball practices use gym where they lift weights etc., but I was thinking about using yoga not only to calm my mind, but to gain strength and get in shape before the seasons start and of course to do yoga practices during the seasons. Would I be able to compete with other players (yoga vs. lifting weights)? Thank you so much, you and your videos are very inspirative.
  6. Hi, my name is Tibor and I am reading this from Slovakia (neighbour of Czech Republic). I have tried many sports ( basketball is my favourite) during my life. I started doing yoga last year, because it has been helping me dealing with my anxiety. Since my start last year, it has become a part of my daily life and I absolutely love it. :) Thank you for the videos and all the information about yoga. I appreciate it a lot.