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  1. Hi there!! I've been a certified teacher, teaching part time for the past 3 years and am now starting my own yoga program and business. I've found that there isn't a lot of people online who share what the struggle REALLY looks like when it comes to starting a yoga business - so I end up comparing my beginning to other people's middles and feel like I am failing! (I know comparison isn't helpful) Id like to know how long may I go with 1-3 people showing up to a brand new class I'm promoting, how long does it take to build a following in person and online, when do you throw in the towel? Candace has some great content about these types of things but I'd love to hear other people's stories of what the beginning of a yoga business really looks like.
  2. @Lorelei I've been there and some days am still there! Interestingly enough, I am venturing into expanding my program and offering Yoga for children and Youth with varying needs as well. I think that Yoga for Children is really starting to expand and people are really starting to see the huge value of the practice for little ones. As for your adult classes... DON'T GIVE UP! I had sooooo many classes with no shows - especially the drop in classes. If there is any way to get people to pre-register and commit to coming beforehand, it may help some. BUT that being said, you have repeats which means that they are loving your offerings and if they each tell one person, who then also loves it and tells one other person - suddenly you have 10 people in a class. I really love that this thread is still active and a place for people to relate, help and maybe most importantly - VENT! I really was frustrated when I first posted here and was desperately seeking others in my same position to validate that this was a difficult journey, but that it is worth it. I also loved all the tips I received after my post about my website and how to advertise. Have you added your classes to the Yoga Finder Website? I think it is international (I'm in Canada) but I actually get a few website hits a week through my listing on there, so it may be worth a shot? Wishing you all the patience, determination, tenacity and luck in the world!!! Sandra
  3. Hi Kelly! If you are passionate about, and love yoga and want to show and teach others what it is you not let flexibility or poses get in your way! I have very tight hamstrings and although I have been practicing and teaching for years, I struggle with seated forward bends - but I still teach them all the time! One thing that is great about realizing where your "weaknesses" are as a teacher, is that you likely can relate really well to beginner students or other students with limitations. Students also like to know that they aren't the "only one" who struggles with things. At the end of the day, even as the teacher in a yoga class, we are all students and all human, so it's ok if we aren't perfect in every pose. Besides, as we know, Asana is only one piece of the Yoga puzzle Best of Luck! Sandra
  4. Thanks for your thoughts @MaddieTwo I really appreciate your insight - i'll definitely be figuring out how to make my social links clickable on the side bar asap! And you are so right @YogaByCandace about "failures"
  5. Well hello there! Great to see this thread is still active It's been about 6-7 months since I first started my program and I have learned a LOT! My program is chugging along, and I actually sold out my last beginner session which was a huge success for me. I am not running regular programming over the summer but am providing outdoor classes/event to stay connected to the community until I start up again in the fall. I've found the most registrations for my program come from word of mouth, and most importantly I've been able to retain people who seem to love what I am offering and keep coming back. I'm getting a lot more play on my website and blog as of late, which is the way the internet sort of works I guess. Listing my program on Yoga FInder and Yoga Directory have also lead people to my site at least weekly. As for your note on brand inconsistency, it's honestly something I am still figuring out. I am still teaching other classes as an independent contractor and have those schedules listed on my website - thus the name of the website being mine and not the program. I have recently decided on a direction I am going to move in with my teaching, and it's going to be a bit of a niche that I want to connect in to the Your Best Yoga program and so currently I am in the process of figuring out what to do. Do I make one website with just program info and one that is my other yoga classes and my blog? That doesn't seem right... I think there must be some way to have "Your Best Yoga" be searched and linked somehow to my current site? Do I forget about listing my community classes and change my website name keeping it the same just minus that one page?? Is this just my fear and ego getting in my own way?!?! (I may need to consult a professional.... hahaha ;)) Suggestions are always welcomed! Also, I will definitely check that link out you posted. Thanks! The number one thing I have learned that I had no grasp on when I wrote the initial post in this thread is patience! haha I really wanted to see a big boom of participants and "success" right off the bat and felt that would mean I would be successful moving forward and that was just not realistic for me. I am now relishing in the small successes that are often met with a small failure and so on and so on, but it is a process. I am so happy that over the last 6 months I have grown my participants from zero to a solid 10-12 regulars/returnee's, my website and blog have been reaching people all over the world - so cool to see that info on stats, I've been able to create and grow an email list people can subscribe to and provide a newsletter about upcoming programming (I provide feedback forms at the end of my sessions which include a space for people to let me know what kinds of classes they want to see in the future and leave me their email so I can let them know when the classes happen - it's been great), and I've gained some social media following that has helped spread my messages of "your best is enough". I've also grown as a teacher and student and feel really good about the next direction I am going to take with my yoga teaching career - hopefully that will be up and running by August! I have maintained my day job through all of this so financially I have been able to support myself without putting all the pressure on my program/teaching. I still plan on ditching this 9-5 world, just don't want to be premature about it. So, did that answer your question?? HA! I feel like this was a bit of a cathartic post that is likely not helpful to anyone else, but it's a little slice of my journey thus far! Thanks so much for asking... although you're likely wishing you hadn't now hey?!
  6. Thank you @YogaByCandace for being so honest about how real the struggle is - you are definitely an inspiration. And thank you @brenskip55 and @Anahata for the kind words.
  7. Hi There! I just wanted to check back in as there was such great sharing and helpful hints with this topic, which were really appreciated! I started my second 6 week session of my own program in January and I had 6 people register for the beginner class (only 10 spots were offered in this class so 6 was great)! This was very exciting as some of the people found my website by "googling" - so my website is being seen and thanks for those website tips guys and some people received the flyers that I had worked my butt off door to door delivering. I guess the work is paying off and for now I am relishing in the slow build of community. Perseverance is key I suppose, and obviously really hard and good work.
  8. Thanks for the great info! It sound a like you have lots of experience in websites, which I admittedly don't :). I will certainly take into account your suggestions and also fix the link on the classes page that isn't working! Thanks again!!
  9. Yes I read your forum post and that's one of the reasons I posted as well! If we could hear stories from others about the struggle it takes in the beginning then maybe we wouldn't feel discouraged, as we would know it's part of the process and others have experienced similar things. I find it's hard to find these types of conversations online as people often share their already successful businesses, blogs and programs without discussing what it took to get there. I'm so glad you are still pursuing your classes and not letting the discouragement deter you! Keep going! We should check in in a few months to report on our progress best of luck to you in spreading your yoga message and classes.
  10. Thank you so much!!!!
  11. Thanks for the response! I have and do currently teach out of a studio and a community centre but am branching out to start my own program so that I can really teach the style of classes I am passionate about with the message I believe in. I am not promoting my new program at my current classes because I don't want to be seen as "poaching students" so I am attempting to attract a new group of people. I'm renting a a space out of a community centre so it's not a yoga studio or somewhere that can promote my classes much either so I'm doing that myself. I'm still very early in the process... About 3 months wih a website/blog, advertising etc, and two classes in to the program and I've had 1 and 2 students in each class so it's a start! It just feels like it will be a long process - but how long?? Haha