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  1. Hi Anahata, Thanks so much for your response! I have tried yoga - my wife much more than myself. I have scoliosis so it's actually really good for my back. Alas I haven't yet found the discipline to maintain a consistent yoga schedule... I'll check out the stories and article you've shared, for sure. I can see this article already that could be a help: Again, thank you so much. Have a great day! Best regards, Ben
  2. Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so my apologies if I'm violating any procedure here (please let me know if so). I'm working on an in depth resource on yoga for seniors. The idea is to cover the following: Health benefits of yoga for seniors Overview of the different types of yoga that are appropriate for seniors Specific poses that seniors can try on their own. I'm talking with both yoga experts/practitioners and doctors to get their feedback - and featuring them directly in the resource. I'm also trying to get some testimonials on yoga from people for whom it has helped. I was wondering if members of the YBC community had thoughts, feedback or experiences they could add? Even pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. It's still the early stages of this project so certainly very open to evolving the focus a bit. Also let me know if you have any questions at all. Again, I hope I'm not breaking any rules posting this here. Have a great day and thanks ahead of time for your help! Best regards, Ben