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  1. Thank you Candace. I look forward to starting the progam.
  2. Hiya, So I want to start a 30 day Program, but I don't know which one to do first? I'm a college cheerleader, iv been dancing for 3/4 of my life, but I can't do the splits. Like not even close. But I also am starring to bonce back from stomach surgery from 3 months ago. I lost a lot of muscle mass before, not like a had alot to begin with. So I want to get stronger. My balance is still pretty good, and my core is solid(a big surprise everyone after they hear bout my surgery ). .
  3. Hiya, I'm new to Yoga and I love it! I'm a cheerleader at my college and we have to workout 2 times a week outside of practices, so we have it worked out with the local yoga guru where we can come into her classes for free during our cheer season. I have made the decision to go everyday I can once I get back to school (we're on thanksgiving break). But I'd like to do yoga to help me get stronger and more flexible. So I've been reading articles about yoga.