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  1. thanks LarryD517
  2. I walk and do yoga. My weight keeps creeping up. I try decreasing calories but I then get hungry. I have gained about 60 pounds back in 2 years after I lost 90 before. I try to be active but schedule does not help
  3. i had surgery also. it help me a lot. Thanks for responding. Crohn's sucks when you are sick. Most people do not understand where we come from.
  4. thanks for responding candice. love your yoga videos
  5. I have Crohn's. Does any one out there with crohn's or know somebody with it benefit from yoga. Please let me know if anf how you think it helps.
  6. I'm 36 and a yoga newbie. Any tips for newbies, should I take any protein supplements any diet recommendations? any advice is appreciated
  7. I am 36 years old. I am walking daily and am incorporating yoga into my exercise routine. Being a guy I like to also focus on strength. Are there any routines or moves recommended to me. If I do a few sets of pushups before yoga workout would that be too much. Any advice?
  8. Reading this from fredericksburg va